Monday Musette – Interbike, Fall Monuments, Posting, and Good Design

We’re starting to see more and more coverage from Interbike:

IF’s Grasstrack bike is a thing of beauty–fixed, extra clearance, and steel. I want one.

The Boulder Report published a report on the training-with-power trend–some great reading. Remember when HRM’s were all the rage? How time flies!

Padraig posted an insightful piece on Interbike at Red Kite Prayer. It’s beginning sound like Interbike just isn’t what it used to be. Does the model need to change? I remember the East Coast version in Philadelphia; it’s hard to believe that this year’s Vegas event was no better than the last stop in Philly. But, as the market changes, so must the industry; it will be interesting to see how Interbike evolves over the next few years.

In racing news:

Tyler Farrar took the overall and several other classifications in the Circuit Franco-Belge. Can the young American take Paris-Tours? He has to be considered one of–if not the–top-favorite.

Pippo Pozatto took the Memorial Cimurri Saturday. Look for him to be a major protagonist in Paris-Tours as well.

This week sees more build-up for the fall monuments with Paris-Bourges and the Coppa Sabatini on Thursday. It will be interesting to see who shows the cards for Sunday. And when will we see Mr. Evans and his new jersey?

Niels Albert won the first cyclocross World Cup race in Treviso, but the bigger story was Sven Nijs abandoning mid-race. Are we witnessing the beginning of the end of an era?

Other food for thought:

Sprinting for Signs posted a great video from the 1981 Paris-Roubaix a while ago that I think is worth revisiting. Just count the number of wins in that lead group! Is it spring yet?

And speaking of posting, Frank Vandenbroucke announced he will be posting his blood values online. Thank goodness! I was wondering how we were to explain his impressive string of results as of late! This might be the first case of a rider posting blood values just to prove how bad he is. I’m sure scores of Danish scientists are lining-up to get a look!

And finally, if you haven’t done so yet, head over to cassette. and Gage and Desoto for some really nice off-the-bike wear. They’ve sent me some treats which I’ll be sharing with you soon. All I’ll tell you for now is that they involve waffles and the Cannibal–so they’re pretty much awesome.

Enjoy your week! And feel free to share your comments below.

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