Monday Musette – Hampsten, the Mandeville Canyon Case, Knickman, etc…

Here are some snacks for your Monday:

1. In case you missed it, our friends at Hampsten Cycles recently unveiled their remodeled site. Steve’s promised us an interview as soon as I get some questions together (feel free to make suggestions in “Comments”). Until then, you can read more about Steve and his bikes in a recent interview over at Red Kite Prayer.

2. And speaking of Red Kite Prayer, VeloNews drafted Padraig to cover the recent Dr. Thompson/Mandeville Canyon case. Padraig knows the victims, yet he does a terrific job of reporting the story while remaining impartial. He’s also discussed his take via RKP. In an essay offering expanded insights and anecdotes, he provides a perspective that only someone directly involved with the facts and personalities of the case could provide. In short, it’s one of the finest pieces of journalism I’ve read in years. Furthermore, the photos he includes often speak louder than the words accompanying them. For now, justice seems to have been served; but as Padraig points out, one day this man will be back on the streets. Hopefully, by then he will have learned his lesson.

3. Moving from “bad” guys to “good” guys, if you have ever met Roy Knickman, you’ve made the aquaintance of one of the friendliest, most down-to-earth guys the sport’s ever seen. Since my time with Mercury, Roy’s been a trusted friend and mentor (even though we don’t get a chance to talk as much as we used to). This past July, Roy’s 13-year old son, Andreas, was diagnosed with osteosarcoma (bone cancer); he’s been in treatment ever since. Luckily, Andreas comes from good genes. If he’s half the fighter his father is, cancer will be no match for him.

Roy raced with some of the sport’s finest (Hinault, Lemond, and Hampsten to name a few), and was recently interviewed by the folks at Competitor Radio. (You can download the podcast here.) It’s worth it to hear Roy’s stories of his time in the peloton, as well as his discussion of his family’s recent experiences as Andreas fights his battle with cancer.

After you’ve downloaded and listened to Roy’s interview, take a minute and head to Andreas’ site at Leave a message in the guest book to let him and his family know you’re thinking of them; and if you like, make a donation to the folks at Caringbridge so they can continue to share the stories of those in a similar situation.

3. IF posted a lovely little photo essay about the machines they use to make the magic happen. I’m not sure why, but I find it fascinating how some of the machines were converted to serve IF’s needs.

4. And finally, check this out. Food for thought indeed.

That reminds me, I’m out of Chimay.

As always, we welcome your comments–enjoy your Monday!

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