US Cyclocross Nationals – Day 2 Predictions


The first day of racing at US Cross Nationals featured thirteen different national title races. The bulk of the racing was Masters Men and Women. There were five national titles awarded for the Master Men and six for the Women. In addition, the first ever Single-Speed National Championships were awarded.

Masters are usually a bit easier to predict, especially in the more experienced age groups. I went seven for eleven in the Masters races. A mathematical error had me give Flo Leibowitz the win in the 55-59 category, when in fact, she was over the age of 60. My worst prediction was Paul Curley, who finished fourth.

As far as the two single-speed races, I clearly dropped the ball on the men’s race, my predictions didn’t account for a potential DNS in the women’s race. As a result, I got both wrong. Obviously Adam Craig was a great pick, but I kind of wrote him off for no real reason. That brings the day one total to 7-13. Not as good as I was hoping, hopefully tomorrow will be better. Below is a breakdown of my day one predictions, followed by day two’s predictions.

Day 1 Predictions/Results:

  • Men 60-64 – Glen Norton (Winner)
  • Men 65-69 – James Wagner (2nd)
  • Men 70-74 – Erik Nordenson (Winner)
  • Men 75+ – Walter Axthelm (Winner)
  • Women 55-59 – Flo Leibowitz (n/a)
  • Women 60-64 – Martha Iverson (Winner)
  • Women 65+ – Julie Lockhart (Winner)
  • Women 45-49 – Karen Hogan (Winner)
  • Women 50-54 – Kris Walker (Winner)
  • Women 40-44 – Gina Hall (2nd)
  • Men 55-59 – Paul Curley (4th)
  • Men Single-Speed – JT Fountain (2nd)
  • Women Single-Speed – Tricia Sandstron (DNS)

Day 2 Predictions:

  • Women 13-14 – Tiziana DeHorney
  • Women 10-12 – Ashley Zoerner
  • Women 17-18 – Emile Shields
  • Women 15-16 – Sarah Huang
  • Men 10-12 – Matteo Jorgenson
  • Men 13-14 – Gavin Haley
  • Men 15-16 – Logan Owen
  • Women 30-34 – Kristin Gavin
  • Women 35-39 – Barbara Howe
  • Men 45-49 – Jonny Bold
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  1. michael says:

    Strong showing by Spence Peterson in the 15-16 group coming in 3rd. He won the MTB Nationals XC in his age category earlier in the year. Podium at cross nationals to end it. That kid has some talent!

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