The Feed Zone – Montepaschi-Strade Bianche 2011 (tentative)

Fotoreporter Sirotti

We’ll admit, we’re not feeling confident that live feeds will be available for tomorrow’s (March 5th, 2011) edition of Montepaschi Strade Bianche. We’ll be monitoring the situation – if there are feeds to be had, you’ll find us here bright and early to watch and chat along with you.

If there isn’t a feed available, we’ll be here next for Milan-San Remo, on March 19th. Keep an eye on Pavé for a full calendar of the races we’ll be covering in the Feed Zone.

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One Response to The Feed Zone – Montepaschi-Strade Bianche 2011 (tentative)

  1. Scott M says:

    Dang I hope the live feed for the Strade Bianche is good to go tomorrow. Really looking forward to this race!

    On another note, you boys at Pave have been busy lately. I can barely keep up with all the posts over the past few days. Keep it coming!

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