Letters From Abroad – La Manche and the Giro

Editor’s Note: Peter Horn is an American racing with the Geox-Fuji Test Team, the amateur development team of Geox-TMC. As Geox-Fuji Test Team’s captain, he’s looking to lead the team to victories in Belgium and around Europe, and help break the team’s riders into the Professional ranks.

9 May 2011 – Oostkamp, Belgium

Today I was planning to write about the Tour de la Manche [Editor’s note: Peter and the Geox-Fuji Test Team were targeting this race for stage wins and a high place on the General Classification]. We arrived home last night after 4 days of racing and I finished 4th overall. I was in the attack every day and was virtual leader in stages 2 and 4. The team was great and we really tried to take the lead or at least a spot on the podium, but the leader’s team managed to control the race and there wasn’t much we could do in the last stage.

However there’s no point in writing much today. It’s a terrible day in cycling with the death of Wouter Weylandt in the Giro. God bless his family and friends. Fortunately for racers, we are able to get on our bikes and totally ignore the risks of competition. We are able to race and only think about tactics and how we are going to try to win. A horrible crash like Weylandt’s is rare; but I think for every racer, it is a brutal reminder of just how dangerous cycling can be.


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