Pavé/Laekhouse Cima Coppi Contest

The folks over at Laekhouse have been nice enough to sponsor our coverage of this month’s Giro d’Italia. We’re big fans of their work, and figured there’s nothing like a contest to give a lucky (or perhaps race-savvy) reader an opportunity to win one of their T-Shirts

The challenge: pick the winner of the climb over the Cima Coppi. This year it takes place on Sunday (5/22) during stage 15, over the Passo Giau. Topping out at 2,236m, it’s reached by climbing what the organizers call 16k, but is really closer to 40k following the descent of Forcella Cibiana, at an average of around 6%, with portions as steep as 16%. It’s long, it’s steep and it’s nasty – and it’s the highest point reached during the Giro. If you’re the only one to correctly pick the first person reach the top, you’ll win your choice of a Laekhouse T-Shirt from the Icons or Classics series!

It’s not an easy challenge! The race-within-a-race is always tough to predict. Much like in the race itself, making bold moves rewards the risk taker. Make an educated guess, or throw a name out on a lark – you never can tell.

Entries must be submitted before the start of the stage on Sunday. You can place your pick in a comment, or email us at Only 1 entry per person please! Make sure to use a real email address so we can contact you if you win. In the event of multiple people picking the first rider to cross the Cima Coppi, the winner will be randomly selected from the correct entries. If no one gets it right, we’ll go down the list to determine who got it closest. Good luck!

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15 Responses to Pavé/Laekhouse Cima Coppi Contest

  1. Houston says:


  2. Chris says:

    I'll give a nod to Igor Anton. Not a GC contender but capable of smashing a big climb.

  3. Hunter says:

    John Gadret.

  4. Karl says:

    I'm going to say Stefano Garzelli.

  5. Ethan Laek says:

    I'ma go with one of those brothers from Luxembourg.

  6. Ben says:

    What the hell… Papa Tiempo Sastre

  7. mikey says:


  8. gilbert says:


  9. TomC says:


  10. Amelon says:

    Federico Canuti

  11. MattyVT says:

    I like Karl's pick for Garzelli, but I'm going with Nibali. He's hot under the collar after today's stage and has nothing to lose at this point.

  12. Brady says:

    Johnny Hoogerland

  13. Ben says:

    Welp – looks like it's going to be Hoogerland(!) or Garzelli!

    Oops… and there goes Garzelli away from Hoogie… but my man J-Rod is attacking!

    Ah, the B-List GC is coming to life!

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