North American Cyclocross Power Rankings, Week #12

Photo by Erik Mitchell

Here we are, three months deep into the cylocross season. It’s a bit of a midseason lull for many, with a couple quieter weekends following a big USGP weekend in Louisville. That said, there’s been plenty of action so let’s take a look at what’s shaking and who’s winning.

1. Jeremy Powers (1) – Our resident DJ/cyclocrosser went to Europe for the Koksijde World Cup. The experience he gained will be more valuable than his middling result of 32nd, and should be an asset for his performance at the World Championships this winter.

2. Todd Wells (4) – the National Champion goes out with a fine weekend at Jingle Cross in Iowa City, finishing 4th, 1st, and 3rd over three days of racing. He’s hanging up his cross wheels for the season, though.

3. Tim Johnson (7) – the winless wonder is no more: Johnson’s finally broken through on a season-long drought that saw him enter the season a step off form. He’s still a bit off of his winning ways, but this victory can ease a bit of the pressure and let him get back to work with one demon slayed.

4. Geoff Kabush (2) – the muttonchop-sporting Canadian took the weekend off from racing and if twitter is to be believed, will refrain from racing until the USGP in Bend in two weeks. It’ll keep his form a mystery but expect him to train into fighting shape and pick up where he left off in Louisville.

5. Jamey Driscoll (8) – hot on the heels of his teammate Johnson’s nice weekend comes Driscoll, who pulls down a win and a second place.

6. Chris Jones (6) – two second places and a fifth is a fine weekend for Jones.

7. Ryan Trebon (7) – We’re still waiting for him to return to action after his mishap two weeks ago, and other riders pass him by in the Power Rankings as they reel in results in his absence. We’ll be watching Trebon’s recovery and return with eager eyes – Trebon will want to live up to the home court advantage he likes in Bend in two weeks.

8. Tristan Schouten (9) – the workingman’s pro can pull in some fine results, particularly when he doesn’t have to travel far to races, and came around with another set of respectable results in Iowa City.

9. Ben Berden (3) – we think he’s lost a step, perhaps due to a demanding travel schedule that took him from Kentucky to North Carolina to Iowa, crisscrossing the country. Expect him to need a little bit of rest; he’s a constant top-five guy who had a bad weekend.

10. Troy Wells (nr) – Todd’s brother looking strong, but not as good as he was looking two weeks ago.

Dropped this week: Danny Summerhill

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