Holiday Gift Guide – Mopha Tool Wrap

The Mopha Tool Wrap was first sent to me as a gift from Steve over at Hampsten Cycles. I’ve always struggled with finding efficient, yet cool-looking ways to carry tools. For a while I used a sawed-off water bottle, but this presented problems on days when two bottles were required. I then moved to a ziplock bag in my jersey pocket; but they were always too small or too big. Conventional saddle bags never seemed to hold the right amount of stuff–and if they did, they were too bulky for my tastes.

Enter the Mopha Tool Wrap. It’s light, holds lots of stuff, and looks good strapped to the rails of your saddle thanks to a custom leather toe strap. Hand-made from wax canvas with leather trim, the roll has 10 pockets and provides a pretty sizeable “workbench” when unrolled (16″ by 7″). If my sweetie were a cyclist, I’d individually wrap all the tools and essential items she’ll need to stock it, then stuff the whole mess into a stocking to be opened one-by-one. (I hope my sweetie’s reading, because I could use another one for my other bike.)

You can get one yourself from the folks at E.H. Works, but I recommend buying one directly from Hampsten. And while you’re at it, pick-up one of Hampsten’s Gavia posters–they’re the perfect motivation for those days when you think it’s too cold outside to ride.

Pros: Hand-made, durable, and stylish. And at $44, it’s a steal.

Peeves: Some pumps are too long to fit the Mopha.





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  1. Sessa says:

    Duuude… that is coolness.

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