Holiday Gift Guide – Giro Aeon Helmet

In 2010, my favorite helmet was the Giro Prolight, a helmet that debuted to mixed reviews at that year’s Tour de France. Why mixed? Well, while it was indeed the lightest helmet on the market at the time, fitting it to your head was a hit-or-miss proposition—if it fit you, it immediately became the most comfortable helmet you ever tried; if it didn’t, well…it didn’t. Giro’s nod to the aesthetics of the original Prolight went over uneasily as well—some loved it, some hated it. And of course, Lance Armstrong’ stubborn allegiance to the company’s Ionos, meant consumers were slow to jump on the Prolight’s bandwagon.

Luckily, Giro was listening and debuted the new Aeon at this year’s Tour of Flanders. A cross between the Ionos and the Prolight, the Aeon is both lightweight and completely adjustable thanks to the inclusion of Giro’s Roc Loc 5 retention system. Giro’s design team has ensured that you’ll find at least one model to match your kit (including a nod to the sport’s newest “it” color which they call Highlight Yellow). If you’re looking to upgrade and want the best mix of comfort, weight, and pro-level styling, look no further.

Pros: Low weight and full adjustability make it the true love-child of the Prolight and the Ionos. It’s easy to wear with a cycling cap, headband, or balaclava and sunglasses can be held securely in the two top helmet’s vents.

Peeves: I found the Aeon’s straps to be a bit fussy. I’m willing to accept that part of the problem could be my clumsy fingers—but I’ve never such problems before.  

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