US Cross – Week 5 Predictions

The podium at Gloucester. Will it look the same in Providence? Photo: Todd Perkaski.

For the third consecutive weekend, the US cross scene features a UCI C1 race and a UCI C2 race. This week, the cross collective stays in New England as the countries best riders head to Providence, RI for the Providence Cyclocross Festival (PCF). The PCF also acts as rounds three and four of the NEPCX series, which kicked off last weekend in Golucester. Jeremy Powers and Ryan Trebon are tied on points, so this weekend’s showdown at Roger Williams Park (which hosted nationals in 2005 and 2006) should give someone a clear advantage in the series.

Providence Cyclocross Festival – NEPCX Rounds 3 & 4 (C1/C2)

The Winner(s)

Jeremy Powers – the US National Champion has looked very, very, good so far this season. This weekend marks Powers last weekend at home before he begins a campaign that will see him travel to Fort Collins, CO and then to Tabor, Czech Republic. While you cannot count out the sweep, I expect Powers to land on top of the podium one day this weekend.

Ryan Trebon – Trebon’s return to New England worked out pretty well for the Oregonian as he split the weekend with Powers. The weather has been a bit dryer this week, but this weekend’s forecast is mixed. Add to that Trebon’s victory here in 2006 and I think he’ll be able to beat everyone else one day this weekend.

The Podium

Tim Johnson – I really had high hopes for Johnson at the start of the season, and still do. He’ll get his chance to climb up to the top step of the podium, but right now Powers and Trebon seem unstoppable. This is yet another weekend where TJ will have to play bridesmaid (or groomsmen in this case).

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