Weekly Cross Rankings – Fan Voting

The voting page for our weekly rankings is now open. The are instructions on the page, but it’s pretty straightforward. You rank 25 riders (1 being your highest rank) via a drop down menu. Riders are organized by first name and you can only rank each rider once.

The idea is to vote for your top 25, but if you cannot or only come up with 10 or 15, that’s okay. Each vote is worth a certain amount of points. A first place vote is worth 25 points, second 24, third 23, all the way down to 25th place, which is worth the most points. The points are tallied up and the rider with the most points is number one.

Voting will be open for 24 hours or so. This week is an anomolie because we had some glitches and got a late start. Voting will be open from 12pm EST on Wednesday, October 10th to 12pm EST on Thursday, October 11th. Future weeks will be open from Monday to Tuesday.

If you experience any issues, let us know and have fun. Remember, the overall votes count for 1/5 of each riders total ranking, so they’re important and can have a big impact. Plus, the more votes, the merrier.

Finally, the vote page will remain the same throughout the year and will get automatically updated with new riders each week. So, you can bookmark it for easy access.

Here’s the link: http://www.pavepavepave.com/top-25/vote/

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