US Cross – Week 7 Predictions

Justine Lindine, with Adam Myerson closing in, at a muddy Downeast cross in 2011. Photo: Dave Chiu.

This weekends racing features two pair of UCI C2 races on opposite sides of the country. After a bevy of C1/C2 weekends, the racing settles down a bit as the worlds top riders head to Europe. The New England Cyclocross Series continues in New Gloucester, ME, while Spooky Cross invades Pomona, CA. New Englands top riders will be in Maine looking to take control of the NECX series and pick up some valuable UCI points. Meanwhile, the west coast hosts it’s first UCI races of the season in Pomona. That race is usually dominated a rider who’s looking for UCI points (last year Trebon won both days). Ben Berden has raced Spooky Cross in the past and, if he shows, could dominate. Here’s who I think will win:


Downeast Cyclocross – NECX Rounds 3 & 4 (C2)

The Winner(s)

Justin Lindine – after an early season injury, Lindine has been battling the world’s best, much like the rest of New England, over the past few weeks. With some of the bigger names off to Europe, look for Lindine to return to the top step of the podium as he makes a stand for the NECX overall.

Dylan McNicholas – much like Lindine, McNicholas has been forced to take a backseat over the past few weeks as America’s top cross riders invaded New England. I expect McNicholas to pick up a victory this weekend as he and Lindine continue to battle for the NECX crown.

The Podium

Jeremy Durrin – Durrin could battle for victory this weekend and it wouldn’t surprise me if he does land on the top step of the podium. However, I’m going to say he podiums both days and will walk away without a victory.

Spooky Cross Weekend (C2)

My apologies to the West Coast and Spooky Cross. Unfortunately, I’m not familiar with a lot of the riders who are racing this race. In the past, a rider like Ryan Trebon, Zach McDonald or Ben Berden usually show up and dominate. Since no such rider is on the start list (as of this writing), I’m going to simply give you three riders to watch. If you’ve got the inside scoop, feel free to let me know.

Riders to watch:

Mitch Hoke – Hoke’s a pro cross racer and a top notch mountain biker. Last year he raced cross all over the country and in Europe. His best result was a third at Granouge.

Kevin Noiles – a mountain biker by trade, Noiles raced three UCI cross races last season, finishing inside the top-ten in all of them.

Aaron Schooler – Schooler’s been racing for a while now and is one of Canada’s top cross riders. He proved that last year, with a third at the Canadian National Championships.

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2 Responses to US Cross – Week 7 Predictions

  1. paul says:

    Good call on Hoke. He had 2 great races last weekend at USGP. Also, Chapin and Bradford should be in the mix at Spooky. Maybe there will be a Jacques-Maynes or two? Or Candelario?

    • Erik says:

      It’s always tough in the US because people seem to show up at races without being on the pre-reg list or not show up while being on it. Anyway, it would be nice to see Andy Jacques-Maynes race again. I still wouldn’t be surprised if a big name shows up out of nowhere to grab some easy UCI points.

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