Cross Top 25 – Week 11

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It started to feel like it was only a matter of time before Jeremy Powers lost his grip on the Top 25. This week, that time has come as Sven Nys takes over the number one spot. Powers remains number one in the computer rankings, but ranked seventh in the poll. Powers was also out of action this past weekend, which helped Nys close the gap in the computer.

Niels Albert was second in the poll and third in the computer, so he remains at third overall. Kevin Pauwels was third in the poll followed by Klaas Vantornout and Lars van der Haar. Bart Aernouts was sixth in the poll followed by Powers and a slew of Americans including Dan Chabanov, Tim Johnson and Dan Timmerman.

Niels Albert overtakes Powers for the most UCI points this season while Jonathan Page (14th) remains the top rider in terms of race quality and strength of schedule. Ryan Trebon fell eleven spots this week to 16th, while Ben Berden jumped up six spots to ninth.

The biggest surprises came from the poll which launched Chabanov, Timmerman and Adam Myerson into the Top 25. All three riders are outside the top 30 in the computer and Myerson is the only rider in the Top 25 without any UCI points.

With another World Cup race and a Superprestige race on tap in Europe this weekend, the Americans may continue to slide down in the rankings. This week, there are only nine Americans in the Top 25 and only three in the top ten.

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