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First Look: Team Geox-TMC Time Trial Bike

Geox-TMC will be riding Kestrels for their time trial bikes – one of the advantages to being sponsored by an ASI company like Fuji is you can pick from the best of their offerings when outfitting your team. When (and maybe if) we’ll actually get to see one of these painted and built up is … Continue reading

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First Look: Team Geox-TMC Team Bike

The Good News: Team Geox-TMC has bikes. The Bad News: This is the only one.

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Geox-TMC – Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop?

In past years, ASO has generally waited until March to announce the teams participating in the Tour de France. This was typically done to give teams the opportunity to demonstrate their abilities in race situations, allowing ASO to select the most competitive teams for participation. However, this year they elected to announce the 2011 participants … Continue reading

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