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Wednesday Cross Report and Power Rankings – Coming Tomorrow

So Erik emailed today and asked if he could get us his latest Cyclocross Report and Power Ranking a bit late. The reason? He just became a daddy as Jonathan Mitchell was welcomed into the family on Sunday. Since we’re flexible, understanding people, I’m sure we have no problem granting him the time he needs. … Continue reading

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Monday Musette – Horn-tooting, Merckx Love, Frame Lust, and Some Media

Some morsels for your Monday: 1. In case you missed it, I took Bill Strickland’s Sitting-in Blog for spin on Friday over at Bicycling Magazine. If you like it, leave some feedback–I’d love to get invited back for more! And while I’m tooting my own horn, hopefully you’ve been following my “Franco-Belge” story at Embrocation. … Continue reading

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Paris-Roubaix – 2009 Junior Race Video

If you haven’t stumbled upon it yet, be sure to check-out the website of the VC Roubaix Cycling Team and Club. VC Roubaix offers lots of opportunities in the Roubaix region for riders and fans of all levels. In fact, next year they’ll be running another Paris-Roubaix Cyclosportif event in early June. Road trip! Today … Continue reading

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Flèche Wallone – Video – The Last Km

Here’s some video from yesterday. Rebellin remains calm to the end. When will Evans learn that he can’t ride people off his wheel? Enjoy!

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Turkey for Me, Turkey for You…

I’m still reeling from the video of yesterday’s final stage of the Tour of Turkey. What a way to bring the sport to new audiences! I hope ESPN includes it in this week’s “Plays of the Week”. Maybe they can create a montage combining this footage with pictures of Tyler Hamilton winning Gold in Athens … Continue reading

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Tour of Turkey Stage 8 – Yellow Jersey Mayhem!

This just in from the Tour of Turkey. Absolute mayhem! Fast forward to about 3:35 and watch as a Rabobank rider grabs the Barloworld rider wearing the yellow jersey and literally throws him into the barriers. I’m sure we’ll be hearing more about this as more details arrive, but for now watch and be amazed. … Continue reading

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