Domestic Cyclocross Report – More Questions Than Answers

This past weekend, the US cyclocross season kicked-off in style this past weekend, with the first UCI race of the season (as in, anywhere) this past Saturday in Pennsylvania. Saturday’s Nittany Lion Cross was held under fast, dry, summer-like conditions and several riders used the opportunity to get their seasons off to a good start. However, with many of the big names of the sport missing, it was really only a sneak preview of what’s to come. As a result, we will forgo the Power Rankings this week and instead take a look at what we learned and what can be expected this upcoming weekend—when everyone finally comes out to play.

One of the biggest names missing this weekend was Jeremy Powers. The rider was expected to hit the starting line on Saturday as a heavy favorite for the victory. However, rumors of a no-show began to arise midway through last week, and the New Englander ultimately never made it to the race. The rest of the field showed-up as expected and a few last minute additions (most notably Luke Keough) gave the event an even more “elite” feel. The race itself quickly boiled down to slug-fest between Adam Myerson, Valentin Scherz, Ryan Knapp and the eventual winner, Luke Keough. All in all, it was a nice way to ease into the season, but it left us with more questions than answers.

So, here’s what we learned:

1. Luke Keough – The 20-year-old New Englander overcame a poor starting position (5th row) to join the lead group mid-way through the first lap. From then on, he remained calm and collected, and in all honestly, rather anonymous. But with a few hundred meters left, he took the inside line through the final corner, coming around Myerson to take the win. He clearly has good form and his first UCI win will be a certain confidence boost. Perhaps he’ll venture onto the podium more times than we would have expected?

2. Adam Myerson – Myerson seemed to be in the perfect position to pick-up the win on Saturday. Leading up to the race he talked about how he felt the course suited him, and of his desire to take his first-ever UCI win. Myerson took control in the last half lap and did everything he needed to do to set himself for the win—but it wasn’t meant to be.  Keough’s attack in the final corner clearly upset him; I’m sure he’ll be out for revenge. Perhaps the added motivation will elevate Myerson’s game, putting him on a few more podiums by season’s end.

3. Valentin Scherz – Scherz seemed like he was going to dominate Saturday’s race. He took control of the pace from the start and didn’t back-off until the final few laps. It was tough to tell if he made some technical mistakes, but in the final couple of laps he seemed to come unhitched at times. That said, he was there when it counted.  He tried to make a move in the second-to-last corner, but failed to improve upon his third place position. Look for Scherz to take at least one victory in Baltimore this weekend as he dials in his form for Vegas.

4. Ryan Knapp – Knapp has quietly become the King of the Midwest. He’s bounced around podiums across the country, but has rarely had consistent success outside of his home region. His best result last year was fourth at the Charm City Cross in Baltimore—his fifth place Saturday was nothing short of spectacular considering he had four mechanicals. If he can solve his technical issues, he could be a serious podium contender as the season continues.

Looking ahead, our biggest questions will be answered in Vermont this weekend where the NECCS begins with a pair of UCI races. Tim Johnson will be making his season debut with the Stars and Stripes firmly on his back. This past weekend’s top two riders (Keough and Myerson) will also be in the field as will three-Time Danish National Champion and US regular Joachim Parbo. The weekend’s big surprise could come from New England native and cross-stalwart, Justin Spinelli.

The Mid-Atlantic will most likely leave us with more questions than answers as Valentin Scherz lines-up as the heavy favorite in Baltimore. His biggest challenger should be last year’s winner Davide Fratini—a rider making his season debut.

The rest of the major domestic protagonists will make their debuts in the Northwest at Star Crossed and the Rad Racing GP. Kona’s twin towers (Ryan Trebon and Barry Wicks) will line up for their first races of the season. They will have to contend with Jonathan Page as he lines up for his first US race since Nationals. It’s also one of the few races the European-based rider will do stateside this year.

All in all, it promises to be an interesting weekend as several of the US’s heavy hitters test their legs before CrossVegas. Everyone wants to be on top form for the Las Vegas race and this weekend will be our last chance for clues as to who will take the first big victory of the year. After the dust settles this weekend, we’ll have our first look at the US Power Rankings, along with some CrossVegas predictions.

Thanks for reading—share your comments below!

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  1. Will says:

    You’re absolutely right about Keough getting it done anonymously. Everyone at the event was focused on the trio of Myerson, Scherz and Knapp. Great kick through the final corner for Keough. Even the announcer said the last guy through the final corner would win.

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