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US Cross – Week 4 Predictions

It’s a rare occasion in the United States to have only one-pair of UCI races on a weekend. It’s even rarer to have a UCI C1 race stateside, which is why America’s top cross riders have all assembled on the Gran Prix of Gloucester aka the New England World Championships. In addition to the nearly … Continue reading

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European Cross – Week 3 Predictions

The European season finally kicks into high gear this weekend with six UCI races, including a UCI C1 race on Sunday. All the big European stars will be in action this weekend in Belgium including Sven Nys, Kevin Pauwels and Niels Albert. Several riders who made the trip to Vegas will return home to battle … Continue reading

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The Predictor Wrap-Up – Week 3

  It took a few weeks, but I’ve finally come up with a reasonable system for measuring how accurate my predictions are. As previously mentioned, each race is worth 5 points. I get 3 points for correctly predicting the winner and 1 point for each rider I correctly predict on the podium. If I predict … Continue reading

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2012/13 US Cross Week 3 – Predictions

After a mid-week showdown in Vegas, the biggest names in cross converge on Wisconsin for the first two rounds of the USGP. While the series ran into some financial struggles about a month ago, the fields look bigger and better than ever. With two days of racing, including a C1 race on Saturday, this weekend … Continue reading

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2012/13 European Cross Week 2 – Predictions

For those not in the know, the Toi Toi Cup is the Czech Republic’s national series. It is similar to the USGP in the states, or the National Trophy series in England. Unlike those series though, the Toi Toi Cup only offers eight rounds of elite racing, while lower categories have 12 races. The series … Continue reading

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2012 CrossVegas Predictions

After a mixed weekend for the predictor, it’s time to dive back in as the European-North American showdown that is CrossVegas takes Sin City by storm on Wednesday. Each year, the amount, and caliber, of foreign riders has increased and this year is no exception. There’s a bevy of talent crossing the pond including defending … Continue reading

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