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Giro Stage 19 – Is Ivan Basso the Classiest Man in Cycling?

I don’t know about you, but I’m starting to think Ivan Basso is currently the classiest man in professional cycling. Not only did he admit and atone for the sins of his past, but today he demonstrated the humility of a true champion. Having broken away at the base of Mount Vesuvius with Stefano Garzelli … Continue reading

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Giro Stage 18 – Another Garmin Near-miss

Poor Danny Pate. In case you missed today’s final kilometer, the American with the penchant for near-misses narrowly missed another big win. At first, I thought he went too soon, but on a second look at the film, notice how he keeps looking down at his cassette. The sprint was on a bricked/stoned boulevard that … Continue reading

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Giro Rest Day #2 – Cervelo Passes, then Fails, then Passes the Test

No, not that kind of test… Not sure if you saw it, but with about 10 km to go in Sunday’s Stage 15 of the Giro, Cervelo’s director, Jean-Paul Van Poppel made a questionable call. Serge Pauwels was in a two-up breakaway with Leonardo Bertagnolli. The 2 had a time gap of about 2:30 on … Continue reading

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The Infant in the Room

Oops! Should I have said “elephant”? For several weeks now, Pavé has struggled with formulating an appropriate tone with which discuss one Monsieur Armstrong. On Wednesday’s Rapha Continental Centre Ramble, Ben Lieberson and I shared a moment chatting (while I could still talk) about Lance-tiquette and how it seems that in many circles, any remark … Continue reading

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Rapha Continental – Mini-Report

Photo of Ben from Well, the Rapha Continental Centre Ramble has come and gone and I’m still sifting through the conversations and images flooding my mind. In short, I’m stupefied by what Daniel and his team have undertaken. (You can read the ride reports and look at pictures and videos at the Conti’s Road … Continue reading

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Wheels – Fit to be Tied

All photos from Handspun’s Flickr Brief posts this week as I’ve entered the final countdown for the Rapha Centre Ramble tomorrow. After a doctor’s appointment this morning I’ll make a beeline for State College and the Rapha Conti crew. For now, a question remains, one that perplexes many a rider about to embark on a … Continue reading

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