Pavé creator Whit Yost’s experiences might easily fit many cycling fans’ definitions of “living the dream.” Since getting hooked on the sport watching Lance Armstrong win the 1993 U.S. Pro Championship, he’s raced as an amateur on Belgian cobbles, traveled Europe to help build a European pro team, and piloted the team from Malaysia to Mont Ventoux. As a former assistant director sportif with Mercury-Viatel, he’s also seen the less dreamy side of the sport – the side rife with broken contracts, infighting, and positive dope tests. These days, he lives with his lovely wife in Pennsylvania and shares his experiences and views on the sport at Bicycling Magazine, the Embrocation Cycling Journal, and of course, here at Pavé.

However, Pavé is a team effort, and Whit has assembled an impressive crew of dedicated and knowledgeable contributors willing to lend their talents to the mix. Jeremy Rauch, the founder of Tears for Gears, handles all research and technical aspects of the site, while Mattio Montesano offers road racing commentary and insight.

Interested in joining the team? Send us an email at paveblog@gmail.com

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