Monday Musette – San Sebastian and More…

Some fodder for your Monday:

1. Congratulations to Carlos Barredo for taking a terrific win in the Clasica San Sebastian on Saturday. In doing so, he made Quick Step relevant for the first time since April. This is the kind of win that starts new phases in riders’ careers (Barredo’s only 28). With a win like this under his belt, it will not be a surprise to see Carlos in the win column some more between now and the end of the season.

2. Yes, we too were disappointed to see Kreuziger lose. Are there any more doubts about this kid’s talent? And is Filippo Pozatto this season’s version of Michael “Bridesmaid” Boogerd?

3. Did anyone else notice the abundance of Flemish flags at the finish line in San Sebastian? No wonder a Quick Step rider won!

4. Here’s a great picture of Alberto Contador’s new logo. Subtle isn’t it? I wonder if he meant to use a different finger.

5. There was an interesting article in Friday’s NY Times about the debate in Aspen surrounding whether or not to have a celebration in honor of its newest resident’s 3rd place in the Tour. I’ll let you form your own opinion, but it must be nice to live in a town where the biggest issue facing the mayor and city council involves planning a party.

6. If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s a look at Rapha-Condor’s new kit. It’s amazing how something so retro can look so cutting edge. But will Bioracer call them copycats?

And now for some recent highlights from a few favorite blogs:

7. Here’s why Embrocation’s Jeremy Dunn is our hero. Hilarious. Absolutely hilarious. (WARNING: the photo in the post contains a bit of nudity.)

8. Ryan at The Service Course explains how to start a rumor. Hmmm…this gives me an idea or two…

9. Pedal Strike‘s Kaiko has a new venture called Cassette. It’s never too early to shop for the holidays!

That’s it for this Monday–thanks for reading! And please, if you like what you see here, tell some friends and/or add us to your blogroll.

Have a great week!

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