Paris-Roubaix – 2010 Predictions

And you thought I’d leave you without a prediction. In fact, I have two:

My heart wants a win for either George Hincapie or Filippo Pozzato, with Hincapie getting the nod because he’s running out of time for it. I want him to win solo, with time to savor the moment. Post-race, we’ll see a long line of defeated men waiting patiently to shake his hand.

1. George Hincapie
2. Tom Boonen
3. Fabian Cancellara
4. Juan Antonio Flecha
5. Matti Breschel

However, my head thinks the win goes to Juan Antonio Flecha, after taking advantage of a moment of hesitation from Cancellara and Boonen. Boonen will take the sprint for second, but the day will belong to Spain and Team Sky.

1. Juan Antonio Flecha
2. Tom Boonen
3. Fabian Cancellara
4. Manuel Quinziato
5. George Hincapie

And you? What does your heart feel and head think will be the result of tomorrow’s race? Share your comments, below.

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7 Responses to Paris-Roubaix – 2010 Predictions

  1. Smack says:

    1. Boonen
    2. Flecha
    3. Cancellara
    4. Farrar
    5. Pozzato

    I hate to say this but..I think George will not even be in the top 10..let the flaming begin! He needs to be aggressive and dictate the race on HIS terms for a change.He has had "bad luck" which I can appreciate (like the awful 2005 handlebar incident), still, he seems to me reluctant to pull the trigger and take the chances / opportunities to take control of the race. I would like to see Pozzato take top honors but believe Boonen will not let this race slip through his fingers..can't wait for fridge is already stocked with beer…cheers.

  2. WSY says:

    No flaming, Smack. You make good points. I hope they don't come to pass, but history's on your side.

    It'll be a bit too early for beer in my neck of the woods, but drink one for me!

  3. Richard says:

    Here's my top five:
    1. Hushovd (Remembering last years fall)
    2. Flecha (Also remembering last years fall)
    3. Hincapie (I too have a soft spot for him to do well)
    4. Quinziato (Taking the Pavé Franco Ballerini)
    5. Pozzato (Back from his flu)

    Here's to a great race!!!

  4. Chris Alfred says:


  5. Jeffrey Stutsman says:

    1.) Boonen
    2.) Cancellara
    3.) Hushovd

    Especially if its raining. No matter what, however, it should be a terrific race.

  6. wvcycling says:

    I thought the steertube incident was in 2006? If Team BMC doesn't put 100% effort for him to win P-R today, I'm pretty sure I will blacklist them from my cycling attention agenda for rest of the season.

  7. Stanley says:

    Patriotism requires me to hope for the God of Thunder.

    I saw last year's race last night and Boonen was outstanding, he will be the man to beat. He has a string of podium finishes so far this season, knows the race and can hold his own in a sprint.

    I'd be surprised if Cancelara isn't among the last men standing, same goes for Breschel.

    I do not think (and kinda doesn't want it either) that Hincapie will do well – him winning would be too Holywood and ruin fond memories of 2001.

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