US Cyclocross Nationals – Day 1 Predictions

2010 Portland USGP - Amateur Men

Photo by Dave Roth,

On Thursday, December 9, the USA Cycling Cyclocross National Championships will kick-off in Bend, Oregon as the Old Mill District will play host to the National Championships for the second consecutive year. 1,400 cyclists of all ages and abilities will line up to battle each other, and mother nature, in a festival-like atmosphere that features BikeYoga classes, a warm-up area with LeMond Revolution trainers, and the Cross Culture: Art & Bike Festival, among other things.  In all, 36 titles will be awarded.

For the first time ever, men’s and women’s singlespeed titles will be awarded (on Thursday). This year’s course will be longer and a bit more technical then last year’s course. Finally, with the exception of the elite, U23, and collegiate categories, riders will have the option to earn start spots based on results in the individual time trial completed the day before their race. All-in-all it promises to be an exciting four days in the heart of the Northwest.

For the third consecutive year, I will attempt to predict the winner of all 36 national titles that will be awarded this year. (We will have a more detailed preview and predictions for the elite races.) Below I have listed my predictions for all the races on day one (Thursday). I will post my other predictions as the week goes one–along with a quick review of how I’m doing with my thus far. Feel free to add your own or comment on my excellent–or poor–choices. Best of luck to everyone in Bend!

Day 1 Predictions:

  • Men 60-64 – Glen Norton
  • Men 65-69 – James Wagner
  • Men 70-74 – Erik Nordenson
  • Men 75+ – Walter Axthelm
  • Women 55-59 – Flo Leibowitz
  • Women 60-64 – Martha Iverson
  • Women 65+ – Julie Lockhart
  • Women 45-49 – Karen Hogan
  • Women 50-54 – Kris Walker
  • Women 40-44 – Gina Hall
  • Men 55-59 – Paul Curley
  • Men Single-Speed – JT Fountain
  • Women Single-Speed – Tricia Sandstron
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One Response to US Cyclocross Nationals – Day 1 Predictions

  1. Andy Petersen says:

    Glad to see you picked JT for the single speed win. He's a good friend and an incredible rider. I hope your prediction is correct!

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