The Sticky Bidon – January 26, 2011

Fotoreporter Sirotti

Interesting cycling items from across the Internet, January 26, 2011

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3 Responses to The Sticky Bidon – January 26, 2011

  1. Paul says:

    I see Boonen's bike is kitted out with Record and not Super Record. Gilbert's Canyon is the same ( Is there something wrong with Campag's flagship groupset?

  2. Domesgique says:

    I recall hearing from a shop mechanic in Paoli, PA a couple of years ago, as he replaced my broken C10 speed chain, that Campagnolo was not going to outfit pro teams with Super Record. Just regular Record. Which makes no sense. I don't know if SR was supposed to be reserved for deep-pocketed individuals out there riding carbon bling but not racing them or what the deal was. What he said stuck with me, obviously, because it was just baffling that they wouldn't be hanging the top-level gruppo on the pro bikes.

  3. Jeremy says:

    There are probably a couple of factors in play. Good chance the carbon-knuckled Super Record rear dera isn't as strong. If that's the case, neither the mechanics nor Campagnolo would want to risk a high profile failure, the they're both likely to be blamed in the event something goes wrong. Also, with bike weights what they are these days, the handful of grams being saved aren't worth it either – the bike is probably hovering around the weight limit even when equipped with a power meter. We're definitely in a world where bikes have become so light that the marginal weight savings we're seeing these days probably don't justify the (potentially) weaker components. I've also heard that the ergonomics of Record are preferred over that of Super Record, but I have no idea if thats really the case.

    Anyone else know for certain what's going on?

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