The Sticky Bidon – April 20, 2011

Fotoreporter Sirotti

Interesting cycling items from across the Internet, April 20, 2011

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2 Responses to The Sticky Bidon – April 20, 2011

  1. Sam Klontz says:

    Dig the True Temper visit by Geekhouse. Thank you for posting. The resurgence of steel hand-built frames is generally a good thing in my eyes, being a huge fan of my COlnago Master X Light. But I wonder, is the market getting a bit saturated? And how expensive is too expensive in the eyes of the consumer? Unlike a cf frame, the steel can withstand a lot, or perhaps that is just a misconception . . .

  2. Mattio says:

    Sam –
    Ah, a sticky wicket.
    I think we are seeing a resurgence of steel as an alternative to a race-oriented road bike market, as well as for those who appreciate the craftsmanship or something handmade. As for saturation and price… who knows. Good thing there's a pretty good range of prices, from "competitive with similar stock options" to "paying for the utmost of bling."

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