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Classic Cycling Essentials Products

A few weeks ago, I received a package from Classic Cycling Essentials, a small handcrafter of embrocation and cyclists’ toiletry accessories. Brad Ford, the brains behind the business, is a supporter of Pavé, and generously sent us some of his product for us to play with. Plenty has been written about embrocation before – the internet is strewn with writers of cycling websites waxing poetic about the nostalgic, evocative, romantic smell and PRO feel of “belgium knee warmers,” but for a few years, I’ve found a simpler truth. In wet weather, in in-between weather, or in variable weather, an embrocation helps keep the legs comfortable when conventional knee warmers or leg warmers get waterlogged, or hot, sweaty, and clingy.


Classic Cycling Essentials’ embrocation comes in two flavors, Mild and Warm, both of which follow a tried-and-true homemade formula – mix oils with beeswax and flavor liberally with capsicum and essential oils. The cedarwood and orange peel give it a bright, woody, and pleasantly pungent smell – not sweet or slightly fruity like Mad Alchemy (which now has to share space on my shelf). Both the Mild and the Warm blends have kept my legs in a warm, pleasant glow when I’ve stubbornly gone riding or racing without legwarmers.

Classic Cycling Essentials also sent Been-Olie Multi-Purpose Massage Oil, which I immediately placed next to the shower for post-legshaving rubdowns. The smell of clove and cedarwood combine to form an almost gingery effect, and the oil sooths and warms the legs nicely. Also occupying a spot on the bathshelf is CCE’s Odie Kallone Wash Tonic, a bright, crisp, and freshly scented tonic that’s perfect for wiping myself down after a quick ride or commute when I don’t have the need or the time for a full shower. It’s not strong enough to turn heads, but it’s a nice way to wipe off a layer of sweat, and, via your nostrils, perk you up when it’s hard to transition from the part of the day when you’re riding or training, to the rest of your responsibilities.

Having had the opportunity to try all these products – the Warm embrocation slightly begrudgingly on another unseasonably un-springlike cold and rainy race day here in Minneapolis – I’m pleased to recommend them.

Editor’s Note: As special thank you to our readers, Classic Cycling Essentials is pleased to offer a special discount to anyone who includes the code “Pave 2011” with an order. In addition to your discount, a portion of the proceeds will help support Pavé. Thanks!


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3 Responses to Product of the Week: Classic Cycling Essentials

  1. Jeff B says:

    As a fellow recipient of Brad's fine products I have to come out and say that above and beyond for me was the Odie Kallone wash tonic. Embrocation is something that ether works (CCE, Mad Alchemy) or doesn't (Ozone Thermogel) and a lot of that is subjective. The CCE embrocation works, my legs have stayed dry, tingly and shiny in adverse conditions.
    What nobody can argue with is the utility (and obvious PRO-ness) of having a little aluminum bottle that can actually remove the embrocation from your legs, preventing the surprise in-the-car-ride-home reactivation that, at the risk of hyperbole, plagues us all.

    A huge thumbs-up goes to Brad and CCE for making quality, useful products!

  2. Mattio says:

    Woah. I hadn't even thought to use the Odie Kallone to wipe off the embrocation. You're blowing my mind.

  3. ManForAllSeasons says:

    This stuff is awesome.
    I picked up some of the mild embrocation and the Odie Kallone just before Battenkill a few weeks ago.
    As mentioned above, the embro is great, but the Odie Kallone is amazing. Absolutely love it.

    I've been telling my team mates after each race how well it works and how great the fresh smell is…feels very PRO. So much so that I've taken to calling it "eau de Gilbert", which really bugs the guys, but they are just jealous.

    Great product, and sweet to have a discount code, was planning in placing a new order soon.

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