Boonen at Quick-Step through 2013

Photo by Luc Claessen, ISPA Photo

This just in via Quick Step press release…

22-Jun-2011: Quick-Step Cycling Team is pleased to announce that Tom Boonen has renewed his contract with the team.

Boonen will race with the team guided by Patrick Lefevere for the next two seasons (2012 and 2013), with an option to extend his contract until 2014.

“We are very satisfied about the agreement we have reached,” Team Manager Patrick Lefevere said. “Our team’s history is strictly connected to Tom’s history. Our team grew thanks to Tom, too, just like his personal achievements and the trophies he got are a result of the effort our team made to help him. Tom has been with us ever since the team was founded in 2003, and it’s a pleasure to be able to go on working together.”

“I always said this team was my first choice,” said a satisfied Boonen. “I feel great here, it’s like a family. There’s a good, professional environment which is exactly what I want. I had a long chat with Patrick about the sports goals, and not just those, that he and Mr Bakala have for the team in the near future, and I was fascinated by their ideas. I am proud Patrick asked me to be a part of it, it’s a big sign of the team’s trust and consideration for me. Reaching this agreement will be a further incentive to do my best in the next few races and to give the team new successes as soon as possible.”

We’ll be really curious to see how things play out with Quick Step and Philippe Gilbert, who’s indicated that Quick Step was one of a handful of teams he was considering signing for in 2012. The overlap doesn’t seem too terrible between the two of them on paper, but Gilbert has indicated he has interest in contending in the more heavily cobbled spring races, including Paris-Roubaix. And what about Chavanel?

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3 Responses to Boonen at Quick-Step through 2013

  1. Jean-Pierre says:

    i think boonen keeps quickstep from ever reclaiming its top status in pro cycling. his best years are long gone and they pay him like it's 2006. i truly believe that he is mainly a top star because of his previous wins and the fact that he's a good looking guy and a good face to sell the sport.

    i wish quickstep dumped him and paid for gilbert for 3 years…make chavanel their #2.

    • ADa says:

      On what basis do you make that claim? Boonen has had a disappointing 18 months by his own standards – but on paper his 2010 was a mirror of Cancellara's 2011 – a lot of 2nds and no one's saying he's a has been. But much in the same way that there's only a handful of bona fide Grand Tour riders, there's only a small group of riders you can bank on for March and April big wins. Cancellara, Gilbert and Boonen. That's it. There's arguably no other riders you want more if you're a classics squad (I'd have added Freire and Devolder to the group three years ago). Thor's never won a monument. Pippo's got one. Flecha, good for a top five but nothing more. Farrar and Haussler may get one in their career. Bonnen has five, Cance and Gilbert have three.
      Teams want Boonen and they want him for a reason. That he has a fighting chance of being world champion a second time this year makes him even more desireable.

      • Julius says:

        Boonen is the only rider with enough star power to be able to win Gent-Wevelgem and have his entire spring be considered a failure. Not long ago in 2005, the entire Davitamon team had to hang their accomplishment around Nico Mattan's moto-assisted beating of Flecha.

        Surely Boonen is very accomplished, but has the time come that he's too dangerous to be let go but not strong enough to dictate his winning terms?

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