First Look – Sylvain Chavanel’s Bastille Day Merckx EMX-5

Photo copyright Quick-Step/Tim De Waele

Just in time for Bastille Day, Sylvain Chavanel received a new Eddy Merckx EMX-5 frame sporting France’s tricolore. From the press release by Quick-Step:

For tomorrow “le 14 Juillet“ Sylvain Chavanel has received a special gift. An EMX-5 frame with new graphics in the colours of the French flag, bearing his Nickname, “La Machine”, which perfectly describes Sylvain when he’s on the attack, that perfect style of his that doesn’t betray any sign of fatigue, even when he’s at maximum exertion. This trait, and Sylvain’s innate niceness makes him one of the most esteemed riders in the group.

One might suggest that Chavanel has been showing plenty of fatigue since the dislocation of his shoulder. He did, however, appear much more comfortable during Stage 11, even appearing at the front of the peloton. Perhaps he didn’t realize his style doesn’t allow “any sign of fatigue” until today?

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5 Responses to First Look – Sylvain Chavanel’s Bastille Day Merckx EMX-5

  1. Julius says:

    A Merckx with Super-Record and Bora II Ultras …. almost as hot as a Cyfac ;-). Too bad he was unlucky in the crash, I was really hoping he'd have a great TdF again this year.

  2. Mary Topping says:

    Love it! He is a great champion for France. He did look better today from what we saw on TV; perhaps we will see more of him this Tour.

  3. Cog says:

    That is some bike…I want one!

  4. Ben says:

    Is it just me – or does that photo look Photoshopped? Syl's legs are freaking me out and I can't look away.

    • Jeremy says:

      Now that you mention it, it DOES look a little like he was overlayed on the picture. There are additional pictures from the set that are over on Quick Step's site that look normal, so I'd just chalk it up to a strange picture angle.

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