Pavé/Laekhouse Galibier Contest

The folks over at Laekhouse have been nice enough to be one of our sponsors for coverage of this month’s Tour de France. We’re big fans of their work, and figured there’s nothing like a contest to give a lucky (or perhaps race-savvy) reader an opportunity to win one of their T-Shirts

The challenge: pick the winner of the climb over the Galibier during Friday’s (7/22) stage 19 between Modane Valfréjus and Alpe-d’Huez. Topping out at 2,556 after climbing close to 17k at an average of 6.8 on the route, for its centenary appearance (first ascent: 1911) its making its two appearances in this year’s Tour! If you’re the only one to correctly pick the first person reach the Galibier’s summit on Friday, you’ll win your choice of a Laekhouse T-Shirt from the Icons or Classics series!

It’s not an easy challenge! The race-within-a-race is always tough to predict. Much like in the race itself, making bold moves rewards the risk taker. Make an educated guess, or throw a name out on a lark – you never can tell.

Entries must be submitted before the start of the stage on Friday. You can place your pick in a comment, or email us at Only 1 entry per person please! Make sure to use a real email address so we can contact you if you win. In the event of multiple people picking the first rider to reach the summit, the winner will be selected based on who they pick as the overall stage winner – so make sure to put that in your entry as well. If no one gets it right, we’ll go down the list to determine who got it closest*. Good luck!

*and if we’re still tied then, we’ll go to random selection

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18 Responses to Pavé/Laekhouse Galibier Contest

  1. cthulhu says:

    Sammy Sanchez

  2. KD says:

    Contador: He's got to win at least one stage this year.

  3. Jack Sargeant says:

    Sylvain Chavanel

  4. SteveO says:

    Contador will be 2 minutes behind today and will have to attack early tomorrow.

  5. Matt says:

    Jelle Vanendert

  6. Yukon37 says:

    Jelle Vanendert

  7. Reinis says:

    frank schleck

  8. Erik says:


  9. Dan says:

    Frank Schleck

  10. Richard says:

    Jelle Vanendert over the Galibier first, with F. Schleck taking out the stage win…

  11. Andy D says:

    Damiano Cunego, taking a page from Andy's TDF playbook

  12. Jens Voigt over the Galibier then Contador to win….

  13. Ben Hall says:

    Jelle Vandenert

  14. TomC says:

    Vanendert wants the KOM points and is far enough back on the GC to be allowed up the road, no such luck for sanchez who also wants the points but killed himself today to try and stay in contention.

    So Vanendert!

  15. amelon says:

    Sylvain Chavanel

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