Monday Musette – Il Lombardia Wrap-Up Contest

Fotoreporter Sirotti


I have a confession to make: I was unable to watch Saturday’s Il Lombardia as my wife and I picked this weekend to move into our new home. Luckily, I know there are many of you who enjoyed the race as it unfolded.

So rather than write a report based upon a race I didn’t actually see, here’s what I’m going to do:

Below, I’ve compiled lists of riders, teams, and adjectives/adverbs. Your job is to write a report of Saturday’s race using the specified number of terms from each group, making an effort to be as insightful, accurate, informative, and creative as possible. Tone, perspective, and format are entirely up to you.

Submit your reports as comments to this post—or send them as a Word document via email to Please be sure to type all terms in bold. And of course, if a rider, team, or adjective/adverb isn’t on the list, you can’t use it.

Submissions are due by 7pm EST Tuesday. My colleagues and I will pick three finalists to be posted on the site Wednesday, at which point you will all vote for the best. The winner will be announced Friday and will receive a Pavé cap and matching set of socks.

So have at it—it’s been a wonderful season of racing and through it all I’ve come to realize that our readers are our greatest resource. Let’s see if I’m correct in making that assumption.

Have fun and good luck!


Riders (Pick 7)

Oliver Zaugg

Daniel Martin

Joaquin Rodriguez

Philippe Gilbert

Greg Van Avermaet

Giovanni Visconti

Michele Bartloi

Damiano Cunego

Ivan Basso

Paolo Bettini

Jakob Fuglsang

Bauke Mollema


Teams (Pick 4)



Omega Pharma-Lotto






Adjectives/Adverbs (Pick 7)











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  1. Gadi says:

    Mr. Whit,
    Why (the hell) do you think we dig anybody that has more important things to do then Il Lombardia ?!

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