North American Cyclocross Power Rankings, Week #11

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After a bit of a static week – with the only major North American races happening in North Carolina and most of the country’s major players taking a bit of a rest – let’s take a look at the Power Rankings. Not much has changed, but Berden’s two wins and the fall-out from Trebon’s crash a week and a half ago cause some shifts. Meanwhile, some Americans have headed to Belgium for the World Cup.

1. Jeremy Powers (1) – After a weekend off from racing, Jeremy Powers headed to Belgium to compete in this weekend’s World Cup race at the infamous sand dunes of Koksijde. Two USGP wins a week and a half ago indicate that he’s pretty close to firing on all cylinders, but Koksijde won’t be a fitting test of his Euro prowess – Powers will need more experience in the sand before he can truly compete, but it will be good experience for him before the 2012 World Championships.

2. Geoff Kabush (2) -Outside of Powers and Trebon-minus-his-crash, the most impressive performer two weeks ago, but like many others, he’s taking a bit off. Will he be able to challenge for wins in a few weeks at the final USGP weekend in Bend, Oregon?

3. Ben Berden (5) – Berden comes off of two wins in North Carolina, which boost his UCI point tally to keep him on the front row of further North American races – will anybody else be able to challenge him for the Avid Shorty Ultimate Holeshot Prime?

4. Todd Wells (4) – the National Champion will be at Iowa’s Jingle Cross before hanging up his cross bike for the season. Look for him to go out with a bang.

5. Ryan Trebon (3) – Trebon takes a question mark in his power and a drop in his rankings after spending some time recovering from the bruise he sustained at the USGP. Plans to race Jingle Cross were put aside – it’s a waiting game for Trebon, who hopes to be back in roaring form in time for the USGP races in Bend.

6. Chris Jones (7) – The Rapha-Focus rider used the type of form that allowed him to cling with Trebon and Powers for a couple laps a couple weeks ago and parleyed it into a Single Speed Cyclocross World Championship – an unofficial competition held this past weekend. 

7. Tim Johnson (6) – Johnson is a wiley vet; a weekend off and some training will do him good, but the time’s running out for him to grab his season’s first victory.

8. Jamey Driscoll (8) – Driscoll’s spent some time this year as the most consistent non-winning performer, but as others are rising and elbowing their way up the competition, he’s not. It shouldn’t stop him from being a constant threat – he’s always capable of pulling out a brilliant ride.

9. Tristan Schouten (10) – Keep an eye on Schouten at Jingle Cross. He’s clearly in good form and is capable of trading blows with some of the best. 

10. Danny Summerhill (9) – Summerhill can ride himself into the top five in big races on occasion; his season is shaping up nicely.


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