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The holidays are a time to give gifts and thanks. This year, our Holiday Gift Guide is a chance to celebrate both–giving and thanking, that is. First, it’s our opportunity to highlight several products we would be happy to give to any cyclist or fan. But it’s also a chance for us to say “thank you” to the many generous people and companies who have honored us throughout the year with samples of their newest and greatest gear.

So for the sake of full disclosure: yes, we did receive some of these items as gifts. That said, we’ve chosen to include those products that we feel we can endorse honestly. If you know us personally, you’ve likely seen us riding it, wearing it, or reading it—in other words, take what we say as seriously as you like, but know that we’re not pandering or blowing sunshine up anyone’s derrieres.

Let’s get on with it, shall we?

Rothera Caps

Many of these gifts represent a celebration of Pavé’s friends and their talents–our first choice is a perfect example. Gary Rothera is a Philadelphian who makes some of the finest handmade cycling caps around using locally-sourced materials. Colors and styles abound and all caps are lined, reversible, machine washable, and come in multiple sizes. I’m most fond of his thicker, fully-lined winter caps featuring PolarTec earflaps.

Gary introduced an All Weather version this past summer featuring moisture-wicking fabric that is wind and water repellant, odor resistant, and dries quicker than cotton. They can take a beating and unlike many “all weather” products, they’re comfortable too.

Prices range from $30 to $43 and shipping is free for the holidays—so order now!

Pros: High tech features meet old school style. Totally customizable.

Peeves: I wish there were more custom ribbon options. I’ve been dying for some custom hats made with a red/yellow/blue stripe.


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