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Taliah Lempert is the artist behind She has been focused on bicycles for a long time, and her work encompasses far more than just paintings. She also does sketches, prints, t-shirts, and a host of 

Her work is warm and personable, with just a hint of nostalgia. I’m sure we’ve all had a bike that makes us smile fondly. 

We recently ordered a small something something for a special someone in our life, and it came wrapped in a house-printed wrapping paper. It was a personal touch that warmed our hearts. In addition to her paintings, many different prints are for sale. She also has a wide array of soft goods – t-shirts, caps, baby onesies, and more – available at her Etsy shop.

Price: Varies – there’s something for everybody.

Pros: Great artwork from a one-woman shop that communicates a clear passion for bikes of all types. 

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  1. Timo says:

    Argh! Falerio Masi would turn in his grave if he saw that cabling arrangement. Cables go OVER the bars! Silly Americans.

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