Cross Top 25 – Week 7

Note: thanks to a few of our visitors, an error in the first release of the rankings has been fixed. While the mathematical formula was correct, the wrong computer rankings were being shown. We have fixed the glitch and regret the error. The Top 25 remain the same, but some of their final computer ranking has changed.

Jeremy Powers sixth place finish in Tabor on Sunday helped cement him the number one spot for the fourth consecutive week. The computer loves Powers right now, ranking him number one across the board. Despite finishing number three in this weeks poll, that was good enough to keep him at number one.

Sven Nys reclaims the number one spot in the poll after finishing behind Niels Albert the past few weeks (Albert finished second). Rounding out the top five in the poll were Kevin Pauwels and Lars van der Haar.

Adam Myerson negotiates one of the many twists and turns on the Downeast course. Photo: Todd Prekaski.

Nys maintains the number two spot over all, despite being 8th in the computer. While he has a high winning percentage, strength of schedule (sos) and UCI points, the quality of his races is very low, as are most of the Europeans. The computer favors the Americans in this department, but that all should change next week now that the World Cups have begun.

Albert takes the third spot this week a head of Pauwels and Tim Johnson. Johnson remains the highest ranked rider without a win this season. Ryan Trebon (7th) falls out of the top five this week as does Ben Berden (15th).

Adam Myerson drops to the 21 spot this week, but remains the only rider without any UCI points in the top 25. This is largely due to the computer, which has him at 14.

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2 Responses to Cross Top 25 – Week 7

  1. Rollo G says:

    WTF is Zach McDonald?

    • Erik says:

      Good question, I will dive into the computer rankings and figure it out.


      First, thanks to Rollo G. and a few others, we’ve fixed the glitch that had Eckmann at three hundred and something in the computer rankings. The computer spits out a decimal number as the result of its calculations. That number is then converted to a whole number (1, 2, 3, etc) which is displayed here. That conversion was off by one spot in the case of Nys and off by 300 in the case of Eckmann. It has been fixed.

      McDonald is 38th overall and 28th in the computer rankings. He didn’t place in the top 25 in the poll which knocked him out of the Top 25. He’s tied for 5th in winning percentage and 11th in strength of schedule, but is outside the top 30 in points and race strength.

      The computer strictly calculates all UCI Elite Men’s races. Therefore McDonald’s U23 result from Sunday does not count in the rankings.

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