Cross Top 25 – Week 9

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Jeremy Powers takes the top spot for the seventh consecutive week in our Top 25 Rankings. The American won two races this past weekend which helped keep him number one according to the computer. However, the lower field quality of those races allowed riders such as Sven Nys and Niels Albert to close that gap. The fact that Powers was number three in the polls helped him maintain that top spot.

With the European season starting to heat up, Sven Nys remains second overall, but moves from fifth to second in the computer rankings. Nys was number one in the poll a head of Albert, Powers, Ryan Trebon and Dan Timmerman. As a result, the gap between Powers and Nys is a fraction of a percent.

Powers maintains the number one spot in terms of UCI points, while Jonathan Page continues to have the number one strength of schedule and field quality. This is due to the fact that he’s racing a European schedule. As a result, Page maintains the 11th overall spot and is the highest ranked rider without a win.

Bart Aernouts makes the biggest jump this week moving up eight spots to the number ten spot. Justin Lindine dropped out of the rankings as did Adam Myerson, which means everyone in the Top 25 has UCI points. Jamie Driscoll’s win in Cincinnati helped him jump to the number five spot and puts three Americans inside the top five. The computer doesn’t like Timmerman (42nd), but his fifth place finish in the poll keeps him inside the Top 25.

Week 9 Top 25

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