Cross Top 25 – Week 10

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After another week of domination in the US, Jeremy Powers maintains the number one spot in this weeks Top 25. Despite the success of Sven Nys and Niels Albert in Europe, Powers continues to be number one in the computer rankings. While the gap is closing, Powers was the number one vote getter as well this week, cementing his overall.

In what can only be seen as a meeting of man and machine, the top three in the computer rankings were also the top three vote getters. Powers was number one with 76% of the vote, Nys was second and Albert third. Interestingly, Albert was roughly one vote shy of Nys in the polls. Lars van der Haar was fourth in the polls followed by Bart Aernouts. Ryan Trebon, Adam Craig and Dan Timmerman were the other Americans to rank in the top ten in the polls.

As far as the overall goes, Trebon (5th) and Powers are the only two Americans in the top ten as Jamie Driscoll drops to 14th. Van der Harr had the biggest jump this week moving into eight overall, primarily due to finishing fourth in the polls. Despite moving up a spot in the computer rankings, Ben Berden took a tumble this week as he’s now 15th.

Powers remains number one in UCI points, while Jonathan Page remains number one in terms of field quality and strength of schedule. Maintaing the number one spot in winning percentage is Aitor Gutierrez, who has won the only race he has entered.

Enrico Franzoi and Thijs Al drop out of the Top 25 this week, while Justin Lindine and Radomir Simunek return after dropping out last week.

Powers looks to be sitting out this weekend, while Nys and Albert will do battle in a C1 and C2 race in Belgium. Will this spell the end of Powers reign? We will find out soon enough.

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