2013 Cyclocross National Championships Predictions

While things have been a bit hectic over the past few weeks with my travels to Belgium, the holidays and training, it’s time to deliver the biggest predictions of the season. Below you will find my predicted podium of every national championship, except for Belgium and the United States. Those two countries will be featured in more detail in a post this afternoon. I apologize for not giving reasons for selecting the riders but this list is too long for me to expand with detail. Without further ado, the predictions for this weekend:

Spanish National Championships (CN)

Note: my apologies to our Spanish contingent, I have been using the wrong last name for those riders. From here on out, that has been corrected.

1. Aitor Hernandez
2. Javier Ruiz de Larrinaga
3. Isaac Suarez

Czech National Championships (CN)

1. Zdenek Stybar
2. Radomir Simunek
3. Martin Bina

French National Championships (CN)

1. Francis Mourey
2. Aurélien Duval
3. Matthieu Boulo

British National Championships (CN)

1. Ian Field
2.Oli Beckingsale
3. Paul Oldham

Polish National Championships (CN)

1. Mariusz Gil
2. Andrzej Kaiser
3. Marek Konwa

Dutch National Championships (CN)

1. Lars van der Haar
2. Lars Boom
3. Thijs van Amerongen

Italian National Championships (CN)

1. Marco Fontana
2. Enrico Franzoi
3. Elia Silvestri

German National Championships (CN)

1. Christoph Pfingsten
2. Philipp Walsleben
3. Sascha Weber

Swiss National Championships (CN)

1. Julien Taramarcaz
2. Simon Zahner
3. Marcel Wildhaber

Austrian National Championships (CN)

1. Daniel Geismayr
2. Karl Heinz Gollinger
3. Roland Morx

Croatian National Championships (CN)

1. Jasmin Becirovic
2. Igor Rudan
3. Pavao Roset

Irish National Championships (CN)

1. Robin Seymour
2. Roger Aiken
3. Johnny McCabe

Danish National Championships (CN)

1. Kenneth Hanson
2. Emil Olson
3. Jonas Pedersen

Portuguese National Championships (CN)

Note: this is the first ever championship for Portugal.

1. Vitor Santos
2. Mário Costa
3. Fábio Ribeiro

Luxembourg National Championships (CN)

1. Christian Helmig
2. Gusty Bausch
3. Claude Wolter

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