2013 Cyclocross National Championships Predictions

While things have been a bit hectic over the past few weeks with my travels to Belgium, the holidays and training, it’s time to deliver the biggest predictions of the season. Below you will find my predicted podium of every national championship, except for Belgium and the United States. Those two countries will be featured in more detail in a post this afternoon. I apologize for not giving reasons for selecting the riders but this list is too long for me to expand with detail. Without further ado, the predictions for this weekend:

Spanish National Championships (CN)

Note: my apologies to our Spanish contingent, I have been using the wrong last name for those riders. From here on out, that has been corrected.

1. Aitor Hernandez
2. Javier Ruiz de Larrinaga
3. Isaac Suarez

Czech National Championships (CN)

1. Zdenek Stybar
2. Radomir Simunek
3. Martin Bina

French National Championships (CN)

1. Francis Mourey
2. Aurélien Duval
3. Matthieu Boulo

British National Championships (CN)

1. Ian Field
2.Oli Beckingsale
3. Paul Oldham

Polish National Championships (CN)

1. Mariusz Gil
2. Andrzej Kaiser
3. Marek Konwa

Dutch National Championships (CN)

1. Lars van der Haar
2. Lars Boom
3. Thijs van Amerongen

Italian National Championships (CN)

1. Marco Fontana
2. Enrico Franzoi
3. Elia Silvestri

German National Championships (CN)

1. Christoph Pfingsten
2. Philipp Walsleben
3. Sascha Weber

Swiss National Championships (CN)

1. Julien Taramarcaz
2. Simon Zahner
3. Marcel Wildhaber

Austrian National Championships (CN)

1. Daniel Geismayr
2. Karl Heinz Gollinger
3. Roland Morx

Croatian National Championships (CN)

1. Jasmin Becirovic
2. Igor Rudan
3. Pavao Roset

Irish National Championships (CN)

1. Robin Seymour
2. Roger Aiken
3. Johnny McCabe

Danish National Championships (CN)

1. Kenneth Hanson
2. Emil Olson
3. Jonas Pedersen

Portuguese National Championships (CN)

Note: this is the first ever championship for Portugal.

1. Vitor Santos
2. Mário Costa
3. Fábio Ribeiro

Luxembourg National Championships (CN)

1. Christian Helmig
2. Gusty Bausch
3. Claude Wolter

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ENGVT Commits to Jonathan Page as Title Sponsor for Nationals



While we rarely post press releases, this one caught our attention and we’ve decided to post it. It ties in with some of our upcoming articles on Nationals, Worlds and the level of support a rider/team needs to truly make it top the upper levels of this sport. Jonathan Page is arguable America’s best cross racer ever. He’s the only man to stand on the Elite Men’s podium at worlds. He remains the only American to win an Elite Men’s UCI race in Europe and has finished on the podium at the US National Championships nine times in the past ten years, including three straight national titles.

The past few season’s have been up and down for Page, but he has come on strong lately as the season heats up in Europe. Over the past two weeks Page has found himself in the mix at several races and has posted multiple finishes inside the top 15, including the World Cup round in Namur where he secured his spot for Worlds. Lately, Page has garnered much attention for the fact that he has done this on his own, with several of his long time sponsors ending their relationship for a variety of reasons, Page has been left to carry the torch on his own.

Vermont-based engineering firm ENGVT is proud to announce that it will be the title sponsor of professional cyclist Jonathan Page as he attempts to win a fourth cyclocross National Championship on January 13 in Madison, Wisconsin. The sponsorship agreement is limited to the weekend of Nationals and will give Page the support he needs to contend for the title.

“We’re proud to bring Jonathan into the ENGVT family,” says ENGVT president Jerry Chabot. “He embodies the same values that drive us every day: hard work, integrity, commitment and dedication.” Chabot further says that he’d long been weighing the benefits of professional level sponsorship, but Page’s compelling and consistently improving 2012-2013 campaign gave the company the push it needed to get into the game. “It’s been a pleasure to cheer for Jonathan for so many years, but to see him come into such strong form, we felt the time was right to show our support on a whole new level. While Jonathan is still seeking a long-term title sponsor, we jumped at the opportunity to be in his corner for Madison.”

For Page’s part, the sponsorship is just as sweet. Said Page, “Jerry has been in my corner for 25 years and it’s great to have his company behind me. We’re like family and I’m proud to wear the ENGVT name on my chest in Madison and hope to bring home the Stars and Stripes.”

Closed Chabot, “We’re looking forward to a hard race in Madison. Good luck, Jonathan!”

Jonathan can be reached at www.thejonathanpage.com or on twitter @thejonathanpage

ENGVT can be found at www.engvt.com

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Cyclocross Predictions – Week 18

Ian Field in Koksijde. Photo: Balint.

Ian Field in Koksijde. Photo: Balint.

After two weeks in Belgium, I have returned to the US and so has UCI cross racing with a pair of C2 races known as the Chicago Cyclocross New Year’s Revolution. Held a week before nationals, the race has attracted a smaller, but stacked field as we get a fresh look at America’s top riders before the showdown in Madison, WI. In Europe, all eyes shift to Italy where Niels Albert and Sven Nys will do battle with Europe’s top riders at a World Cup round in Rome. Finally, in England, Derby hosts the sixth round of the National Trophy Series. Here’s how I think things will shape up:

Chicago Cyclocross New Year’s Revolution – Day 1 (C2)

Note: despite the pre reg list, it is my understanding that Jeremy Powers will only race on Saturday and Jonathan Page will only race on Sunday.

The Winner

Jeremy Powers – despite a rough European campaign, Powers is still the top rider in the states. I expect him to rebound with a victory in Chicago en route to a potential national title repeat.

The Podium

Ryan Trebon – Trebon has spent the past few weeks out West training for nationals and Worlds. Trebon did well in Chicago last year and could surprise everyone with a victory on Saturday. I’m giving the edge to Powers, but it should be a great battle.

Tim Johnson – Johnson has started to come into form over the past few weeks and I think his mini-European campaign has helped him hone that form. I expect him to be in the mix this weekend and land on the podium.

Chicago Cyclocross New Year’s Revolution – Day 2 (C2)

The Winner

Jonathan Page – if you haven’t been paying attention, Page is starting to show signs of the man that won three straight national titles. He was top-15 in Namur and finished inside the top-ten in Baal. I expect him to throw his hat into the ring on Sunday as he makes a push for another national title.

The Podium

Ryan Trebon – as with Saturday’s race, I expect Trebon to be in the action on Sunday. With a few weeks off, and some decent training, it’s hard to predict exactly how Trebon will do. I suspect he’ll land on the podium.

Tim Johnson – I like Johnson to have a solid weekend before nationals. He should podium on Sunday.

National Trophy Series – Round 6 (C2)

The Winner

Ian Field – I cannot confirm if Field will race or not, but he has been trying to return to racing as quick as possible after a shoulder injury. Assuming that he’ll race, I like his odds to win. He’s been having a solid season and this forced rest period may be what he needs to breakthrough heading into nationals and worlds.

The Podium

Tom van den Bosch – after spending the holidays in Belgium racing against the world’s best, look for van den Bosch to be in the mix on Sunday. Should Field falter, or not show, van den Bosch could be the victor. For now, I have him on the podium.

Oli Beckingsale – the battle for the overall comes down to this weekend’s race and one simple fact: if Beckingsale finishes ahead of Paul Oldham he wins the overall. While I usual predict Oldham to better Beckingsale, I think the mountain biker has the edge right now and I predict him to land on the podium en route to the overall.

UCI World Cup – Round 7 (CDM)

The Winner

Niels Albert – tied with Nys on points, Albert will make his bid for the overall in Rome. Albert’s been riding really well right now and seems poised to rebound from a mid season slump. Albert has shown signs of weakness when things turn muddy, but I expect him to prevail in Rome, no matter what the conditions.

The Podium

Sven Nys – after a forced break due to illness, I expect Nys to rebound in Rome. While I don’t think he’ll win, Nys could make things very interesting and should keep himself in the battle for the overall.

Kevin Pauwels – Pauwels has started to show signs of the man who dominated last season. He’s really come on form lately and in my opinion is a true podium threat once again. While I don’t think he’ll win on Sunday, I definitely think he’ll land on the podium.

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Cyclocross Predictions – Week 17

Albert and Pauwels on the run-up in Ronse. Photo: belga.

Albert and Pauwels on the run-up in Ronse. Photo: belga.

First and foremost, an apologies for a lack of content this week. I’ve been in Belgium for over a week now traveling to all the races, climbing some of the most famous climbs and doing some sightseeing. I return to the states next Wednesday, where things will get back to normal. I’ve also had a laptop start to die on me. Keep following us on twitter and follow me (@erikdmitchell) for some behind the scenes stuff.

It’s another weekend without racing in the US, and there’s just three races in Europe, so these predictions should be relatively short. Today, there’s a smaller race in Bredene, near the coast in Belgium. Despite that, all the big names will be there. Tomorrow there’s the infamous Diegem round of the Superprestige series. This race is in the heart of Diegem under the lights at night. There’s also the GP 5 Sterne Region race in Switzerland. Here’s how I think things will shake out:

Versluys Cyclocross Berdene (C2)

The Winner

Sven Nys – after a horrific day in Loenhout, Nys is probably more focused on Diegem, than on Bredene. However, Nys only has one win over the past two weeks and I think another one is right up his alley, even if it’s at a smaller race.

The Podium

Zdenek Stybar – “Styby” has been in the thick of things in the few races that he’s done this year. I expect him to be in the mix in Bredene, but for some reason I like Nys’ odds over his.

Niels Albert – after an emphatic victory in Loenhout, I expect Albert to continue to push hard this weekend. However, I don’t see him winning today.

Superprestige Diegem (C1)

The Winner

Niels Albert – I expect Albert’s winning streak in Diegem to continue on Sunday. The World Champion has started to get over his mental block when it comes to Nys and I think he wants to prove he’s still the best. Look for him to pick up his fourth straight Diegem win.

The Podium

Sven Nys – “Holy Week” has been a bit of a struggle for Nys as he’s only managed one victory. While I think he’ll give it his all in Diegem, I just don’t think it’s his night.

Zdenek Stybar – Styby won Diegem once (2008) and sometimes skips this race. I expect him to be there on Sunday and should make things interesting. However, I expect a win to continue to elude him as Albert and Nys battle for the Superprestige overall.

GP 5 Sterne Region (C2)

With no start list available, usually I take a gamble and guess at the podium. With all the riders all over the place lately, that’s a hard risk to take. My guess is Enrico Franzoi would win, but he could easily be in Diegem, as could Simon Zahner, who’s riding very well right now. One of the Fluckiger brothers could make it interesting, but so could some Czech riders who usually travel to Switzerland. If I had to choose, I’d say Franzoi, Zahner and Lukas Fluckiger.

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2013 US World’s Team – Elite Women


We continue our preview of the American team at World’s with the Elite Women. Much like the Elite Men, the Elite Women should start the maximum number of riders at Worlds. For the Elite Women, the teams are made up of eight riders, with five starting. Also like the men, one rider (Katie Compton) has dominated this season and occupies a lot of the automatic qualifying spots.

However, Compton currently leads the UCI World Cup, which will give her an automatic spot and the US an additional spot. This means that the US could start six riders. The only other rider to automatically qualify thus far is Kaitlin Antonneau, leaving seven spots open on the US squad.

2013 World Championship Qualification – US Elite Women

  1. Any athlete placing in the top three at the 2012 World Championships.
    • n/a
  2. Top five finish in a UCI World Cup.
    • Katie Compton (already qualifies if leads UCI World Cup)
  3. The 2013 US National Champion
    • n/a (Compton has won every year since 2005)
  4. Top ten finish in a UCI World Cup.
    • Kaitlin Antonneau
  5. Most points accumulated in US UCI C1 races:
    • Katie Compton (already qualified)
  6. USAC Discretionary Picks
    • Amy Dombroski – Dombroski made the jump to Europe this year as part of the Telenet-Fidea team, yes, that Telenet-Fidea team. In addition to being the third ranked American rider in terms of UCI points, Dombroski has been knocking on the door of a huge result. In fact, Dombroski will most likely earn an automatic spot by finishing inside the top-ten at a World Cup (she was 11th at the past two rounds). If that doesn’t happen, she’ll still be a favorite to make the team.
    • Meredith Miller – Miller has done it all throughout her career including a national road title in 2009 and a top-ten at MTB nationals this summer. She’s also represented the US at Worlds the past two seasons (she finished 20th in 2011). At 40-years-old, Miller remains one of the older races in the cross contingent, but continues to dominate the competition. In the past year, she’s only finished outside the top-ten twice.
    • Georgia Gould – in addition to being a world class moutain bikers, Gould just wrapped up the overall in the USGP. She’s also the fifth ranked US rider in UCI points. Gould would most likely delay her mountain bike season for a shot at worlds since it’s not an olympic year.
    • Nicole Duke – another strong rider, Duke has only finished outside the top-20 once this year. She’s a regular podium threat and has several top-20 finishes at the big European races. She landed on the podium at nationals last year and will look to do the same this January.
    • Maureen Bruno Roy – stateside, “Mo” has only finished outside the top ten twice. She was just outside the top-20 at the first two World Cup rounds and has a couple of podium appearances in New England’s early season races. Last year she found success during “Holy Week” in Belgium at prestigious races such as Diegem and the GP Rouwmer.
    • Crystal Anthony – another rider who’s a bit further down the list than most, Anthony should not be overlooked. She spent the season mixing it up with the likes of Gabby Day and Helen Wymann in New England. She had consistent results in the NEPCX and won the VERGE NECCS series.
    • Teal Stetson-Lee – if she would have finished the final round of the USGP, she would have been top five overall, instead she’ll have to settle for sixth. While not high in UCI points (ninth American), she’s had a solid and competitive season.
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Jeremy Durrin Interview


The New England region is known for producing great cyclists, especially when it comes to cyclocross. Riders like Jonathan Page, Jeremy Powers and Tim Johnson have cut their teeth on the New England cross circuit. Jeremy Durrin is one of a handful of riders who are following in their footsteps in hopes of racing at the highest level of cross. We first noticed Durrin when he popped up at a World Cup race in Spain last winter. After a solid road season, Durrin is back at it this fall and has continued to improve.

A week or so before this interview, Durrin won his first UCI race at Baystate Cross in Sterling, MA. The day we conducted this interview, via email, the Optum Pro Cycling p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies announced Durrin as part of their 2013 lineup. However, before he joins his new team, he’ll head back to Europe for Holy Week in hopes of making the 2013 US World’s team. Clearly, Durrin is a rider on the rise and it appears that next fall he will be racing cross as a full on pro either with Optum or another high profile team.

For those who don’t know, tell us about how you got started in cycling in general and cross.

I got into cycling after I graduated from high school. I was an avid baseball player in high school and after graduation I didn’t continue with it. I was going to college, and for a year I wasn’t doing any sort of sport. A friend of mine got me a really old Cannondale to use with downtube shifters. I started riding with him, and found myself really into the speed and how hard it was. I bought a bike that next year and started “training” and loving every second of it.

Tell us about your team, JAM Fund/North Hampton Cycling Club. (As previously mentioned, Durrin will join the Optum Pro Cycling team for 2013)

JAM Fund is a team started by Jeremy Powers, Alec Donahue, and Mukunda Feldman in the Northampton, MA area. It started small with a big vision in mind. Luckily I was there when it all started and I was the “original Jammer”. The goal of J.A.M. is to help motivated, young cyclists reach their potential both on and off the bike while not being limited by finances. I met with Jeremy Powers when I first moved to the area to go to school at UMass Amherst. From there, the three founders were amazing mentors for me. Anyone who has known me over the past 4 years can tell you just how much I have developed not only on the bike, but also off the bike. Having good mentors that offer a lot more than on the bike training is very important. They are the reason for my success, and I can not thank them enough.

The sausage tent in full effect.

The sausage tent in full effect.

Last season I was looking at the World Cup start list for Iggore (Spain) I believe, and I saw Jonathan Page’s name then yours. How did that trip come about?

Well, that was a big trip that came about after the beginning of my cross season was going much better than anticipated. I realized that I had some potential in the sport rather quickly, so I had to think about the bigger goal of how to get a lot better and reach the top of the US cyclocross scene. I found fun ways to raise money for the trip like running a sausage tent at my local UCI race in Northampton MA and connected with the Europeans who traveled here to race in the US for the early season, namely Gabby Day. Once I got some basic logistics figured out, I decided to go for it… It was a giant adventure getting to Spain and then up to Belgium afterwards, but looking back they are some of the most exciting memories I have from the trip.

Obviously everything is different in Europe, what was the biggest thing you learned over there racing or otherwise?

I learned a lot about fixing my own bike! haha. But seriously, I learned a lot about technical riding while I was over there. I think at the beginning of my trip I was SO TERRIBLE at technically driving my bike, but by the end I got the hang of it because if you didn’t figure it out fast you get eaten alive in those races.

Durrin in action at the Mayors Cup in Boston, MA.

Durrin in action at the Mayors Cup in Boston, MA.

How did this years road season go?

This years road season was more successful than I could have ever envisioned it. I set a goal of getting top tens in NRC races and winning local races. I completed all the goals I set out for myself. I put a lot on the line by traveling to big races all by myself and competing with some of the best pros in the business. My breakout race was at the USA Crits race in Lake Bluff Chicago where I initiated a breakaway that lapped the field and I finished in second place. Hard work really feels good when it pays off.


You have a full time job with VOmax Cycling Clothing, tell us about the company and what you do there? And yes, I’ll make sure your boss sees this.

VOmax is a clothing company in Northampton, MA that manufactures in the US, 10 feet from my office actually. Its a unique business as its been around for 30 years and is now coming back strong into the mix of the top competitors like Voler and Champ-sys.

I work in marketing running the website, social media, sponsorships… and a lot more. I wear a lot of hats and am actively trying to help grow the company with new initiatives and new and better products. I find the job extremely rewarding when I show up to a race and see a bunch of clubs racing in our gear.

How do you balance a full time job with a budding road and cross career?

VOmax is really cool about letting me have a flexible schedule and taking time off. I work 7:30am-3:00pm everyday. So in the summer I just ride after work…. In the winter its a lot harder and I am not able to ride as late after work, so my riding time goes down unless I want to stomach riding the trainer all the time. In the early season for base, the company usually allows me some flexibility so I can get my 4-6 hour rides in. The more business that I personally bring in, the more flex time they give me! ;-)

Let’s get back to this cross season and the tough questions.

What were your expectations coming into this cross season?

My expectations for this season was to be able to fight for the win in most races that I enter, and to finish on the podium of a New England cross series. I have won a race in Sterling and have numerous second place finishes. So I would say that its going according to plan.

Powers and Durrin battle at Nittany Cross.

Powers and Durrin battle at Nittany Cross.

I spoke with Jeremy Powers at Nittany after you guys went one-two and in our conversation he mentioned you as an up and coming rider. How does that make you feel when you hear that?

That feels really good for him to say that about my potential. I work pretty closely with him most of the year (and actually live in the apartment below his that he owns) and for him to say that makes me feel good. It also adds a lot of pressure, as the cyclocross fields are getting stronger and stronger each year so I need to prove him right!

The New England cross scene seems incredibly deep this year, from Powers, Tim Johnson, Jamie Driscoll to Justin Lindine, Dan Timmerman, what has it been like to race against those guys week in and week out?

Its brutal to tell you the truth. Week in and week out you are racing with the best the country has to offer. Its filled with ups and down, good and bad races. But at the end of the day, its very rewarding to even be able to be competing with these guys. 2 years ago I couldn’t have imagined the pace at which I would progress, and now I’m close to that level and it feels really good. When you are competing with the top every weekend, having an “off” day hurts a lot more than it used to when you were competing for mid pack.

What was it like to win a UCI race? Did you do anything different heading into Sterling, or was it just a case of everything coming together?

To win a UCI race was extremely fulfilling and makes me so happy to have finally made it to the top step. I didn’t do anything different before Sterling. I have been playing around with training and trying to find what works well for me. The week prior I had a GREAT week of training on the bike and I was very motivated coming into the weekend. So I think it was just one of those days where everything came together and I was fully prepared for it with the training I did. That course is one of my favorites.

You’re heading back to Europe this week for the rest of the year, what does your schedule over there look like?

I fly to London initially where Gabby Day will pick me and head back to her place in a small village in Lincolnshire. We have a big training block for about 5-7 days before heading across the channel for the first race at Essen, the day before the Namur World Cup. So my schedule is as follows: 12/22- Essen, 12/23 Namur WC, 12/26 Zolder WC, 12/28 Loenhout, 12/29 Bredene, 12/30 Diegem (my favorite race ever).

What did you learn last year in Europe that will help you this time around?

I have learned that not matter what happens in the race to just keep focus and keep racing your race. The races over there are so much more technical than any races in the US that you need to be able to do 60 mins fully focused. Once you lose the “zone” you need to be in when racing, the mistakes come and they come very fast. I also learned that its important to be able to run really fast.

Okay, now time for the real tough questions:

Your teammate Anthony Clark (@tweakn101) is one of my favorite people to follow on Twitter. Is he as awesome in person or more awesome?

He is just as awesome in person, sometimes he is TOO awesome for me to handle that I need to sleep in a different location to him. But yes, he is just as wild and hilarious as he is on twitter. And if you have ever spent any time with him then you will realize that he is genuinely one of the most positive people you have ever met, he’s truly inspirational. But in the likely chance that he is TOO awesome for me to handle, he sometimes has to drive in a separate care than me to races.

You’re girlfriend, Gabby Day, is a pretty good cross racer. Which bothers you more: the fact that she’s better looking than you, or a better cross racer?

I’m not sure that either of those things bother me too much, I’ve come to terms with how she will probably always be a better bike rider than me, and I’m glad she’s better looking than me… It means i’m batting out of my leagues!!. But seriously, she has been having a phenomenal season thus far, I just have to keep her from getting a big head!!! We often joke about how one of us is going to get a really big head because how well our seasons are going, and that will result in us not being able to deal with each other!

Finally, you grew up in Fitchburg, MA, a town that breeds greatness (it happens to be my hometown). Did you get a chance to race the Fitchburg Longsjo Classic?

I did get a chance to race the Longsjo Classic. For two years in a row I had upgraded right before the race. So it ended up being my FIRST pro NRC race when I upgraded to a cat 1 the week prior.. I got smashed, and smashed hard in that race. The next season it disappeared because lack of sponsorship. I have always wanted to race it when I am fully ready for it. Jumping in to the cat 1 field at the NRC level is not very advisable. But yea, Fitchburg breeds greatness, and a lot of other things as well but we won’t get into that here.

Thanks a lot Jeremy and best of luck in Belgium. Hopefully we can grab a beer or something while you’re over there. For more on Jeremy, visit http://jeremydurrin.com/ and/or check him out on Twitter (@Jerm_Durrin).

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