Cross Predictions – Week 20


It’s a rare occasion when a race in the US gets more hype and more coverage than in Europe. For the second time ever, the reigning World Champion will race stateside in a race that has, perhaps, the strongest field ever assembled in the US. I’m sure CrossVegas will dispute that claim, but the fact remains, the world’s best will descend on Cincinnati this weekend in a final tuneup before worlds. While there are options in Europe, this weekend will be focused on Cincy, for one last glimpse of a US/European showdown ahead of Worlds next weekend. Here’s how I think things will go down:

Cincinnati Kings International (C2)

The Winner

Niels Albert – While you may think this is a given, there are several factors working against Albert and several other riders this weekend. First is the travel, except for the Rome World Cup, the Europeans are used to driving to races (at most a 2 hour drive), relaxing in their motorhomes and focusing solely on racing. In addition, Albert has never raced in the US, never raced on this type of course and never dealt with American fans. With that said, one last victory before he loses his title (spoiler alert!) is in the cards.

The Podium

Radomir Simunek – this is where things get interesting. The European talent is deep at this race, with about half-a-dozen riders capable of a podium on Saturday. Look for the Czech’s top rider, save Zdenek Stybar, to make a bid for victory and keep things interesting. In the end, I see him on the podium.

Julien Tamaracz – after the Roubaix World Cup, Tamaracz has become a household name (if you can spell and pronounce it). Look for the Swiss national champion to be in the hunt and possibly make the first move in Cincy. In the end I think Albert is a bit too strong, but if the pace is high and the attacks start early, Tamaracz could make things very interesting. Like Simunek, I have him on the podium.

Kings CX – UCI Elite Women

The Winner

Helen Wyman – Wyman has been on a tear this season. After a strong start in the US (she spent nearly 7 weeks here) she returned to England and won the European Championship. She currently leads the Bpost Bank Trophy and is a consistent top-five finisher at the World Cups. Recently she’s struggled a bit, losing to Nikki Harris at the British national championship, but looks poised to rebound for worlds. Look for this weekend to jump start that.

The Podium

Georgia Gould – Gould has had an impressive season and is arguably the second best female cross racer in the US. She’s had a very consistent season that constantly sees here on the podium. Look for her to stay near the front and land on the podium.

Katerina Nash – an outside threat for worlds, Nash has come into from right on time. During Holy Week, she constantly found herself in the mix with the likes of Katie Compton and Marianne Vos. Nash could give Wymann a run for her money, but I think she’ll have to settle for a podium spot.

Cyclo-cross International du Mingant Lanarvily (C2)

The Winner

Francis Mourey – after capturing another national title in dominating fashion, look for Mourey to pick up another victory as his season winds down.

The Podium

Thijs Al – a two-time Dutch national champion, he’s been overshadowed by fellow countrymen Lars van der Haar and Lars Boom. Al has had a solid season and should podium on Sunday.

Jan Denuwelaere – a very strong rider, he became more well-known after Stybar took him out in Essen. He’s one of these riders who is just on the cusp of being one of Belgium’s best riders. Look for him to podium on Sunday.

35th Gran Premio Mamma E Papa Guerciotti AM

Without a start list, we can only venture a guess as to who will be there. This race has a storied past, previous winners include Sven Nys, Mario de Clerq,  and Bart Wellens.

The Winner

Marco Fontana – after winning another national championship, look for Fontana to pick up the victory on Saturday. He received a lot of press after riding well in the Rome World Cup and looks to continue riding well this weekend.

The Podium

Enrico Franzoi – Franzoi has had a very successful season thus far and could win on Saturday. I expect him to make things interesting, but think he’ll have to settle for a podium spot.

Fabio Ursi – despite not racing much this season, Ursi narrowly missed out on a podium spot at the Italian national championships. Look for him to podium this weekend.

Ispasterko Udala Sari Nagusia (C2)

The Winner

Aitor Hernandez – Another race without a start list, I’m going with the Spanish national champion for this Sunday’s race.

The Podium

Javier Ruiz de Larrinaga – always a podium threat, look for him to podium this weekend.

Egoitz Murgoitio – a two-time winner of this race, Murgoitio is obviously a favorite. However, I just don’t think he’ll make it three in a row.

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2012-2013 Cross World Cup Wrap-Up

With a fifth place at the final World Cup round on Sunday, Niels Albert wrapped up his second overall World Cup title. It also marks the eighth title for a Belgian in the past ten editions of the World Cup. Albert narrowly edged out fellow Belgians Kevin Pauwels and Sven Nys. Lars van der Haar breaks up the Belgian domination with a fourth place overall, nearly 100 points back. Bart Aernouts (Bel) rounds out the top-five. The top American was Jonathan Page, who finished a distant 29th, about 400 points behind Albert. It should be noted that World Cup points are very top heavy, meaning that outside the top-ten the points drop off drastically. With that said, here’s a look at how Albert took this year’s title.

Lars van der Haar out sprints Albert for second. Photo: Balint.

Lars van der Haar out sprints Albert for second. Photo: Balint.

Round #1 – Tabor

Last year’s overall champion, Kevin Pauwels, looked like he was on track for another title with a solo victory in Tabor. He escaped from a strong lead group that included Lars van der Haar (2nd), Niels Albert (3rd) and Klaas Vantornout (4th). The real action was a little further back, where Sven Nys overcame a broken chain to finish fifth and American Jeremy Powers had the best ever placing for an American when he crossed the line in seventh place.

Overall Standings after Round 1

  1. Kevin Pauwels – 80
  2. Lars van der Haar – 70
  3. Niels Albert – 65
  4. Klaas Vantornout – 60
  5. Sven Nys – 55
Rob Peeters rode well but during one his visits to the pits, he failed to stop. Photo: Balint.

Rob Peeters rode well but during one his visits to the pits, he failed to stop. Photo: Balint.

Round #2 – Plzen

One week after finishing third in Tabor, Albert took a commanding victory on a muddy course in Plzen. Albert simply rode away from Klaas Vantornout (2nd) and Kevin Pauwels (3rd) enroute to his first win of the season. The real story was Rob Peeters, who crossed the line in third, but was disqualified for an “irregular pit stop.” American Jeremy Powers crashed in the first corner and eventually left the race after suffering a mechanical.

Overall Standings after Round 2

  1. Niels Albert – 145
  2. Kevin Pauwels – 145
  3. Klaas Vantornout – 130
  4. Tom Meeusen – 106
  5. Sven Nys – 105
Francis Mourey. Photo: Balint.

Francis Mourey. Photo: Balint.

Round #3 – Koksijde

The last time the cross world was in Koksijde, Albert picked up a World title and the Belgians took the top-seven spots. Francis Mourey (3rd) attempted to spoil the party, but was quickly overtaken by Albert, who looked poised for another victory on a course that literally bears his name. However, the ride of the day came from eventual winner Sven Nys. Nys slowly rode his way towards the front, catching and passing a dejected Albert during the final lap. More importantly, the World Cup saw three different winners in the first three rounds, leaving things wide open.

Overall Standings after Round 3

  1. Niels Albert – 215
  2. Sven Nys – 185
  3. Klaas Vantornout – 185
  4. Kevin Pauwels – 184
  5. Bart Aernouts – 158
Julien Taramarcaz had a solid ride in Roubaix. Photo: Balint.

Julien Taramarcaz had a solid ride in Roubaix. Photo: Balint.

Round #4 – Roubaix

Sven Nys would pick up his second straight World Cup win on a very fast course in France. After Pauwels (2nd), Albert (3rd) and Swiss champion Julien Taramarcaz formed and early lead group, Nys bridged the gap as the lead group swelled to nine riders. Taramarcaz became a household name as he held the lead until the final few laps. In the end, no one could match the strength of Nys as he escaped from the leading foursome in the final few corners, looking like the Nys of old.

Overall Standings after Round 4

  1. Niels Albert – 280
  2. Sven Nys – 265
  3. Kevin Pauwels – 254
  4. Klaas Vantornout – 209
  5. Lars van der Haar – 197
Sven Nys on one of the many muddy runups in Namur. Photo: Balint.

Sven Nys on one of the many muddy runups in Namur. Photo: Balint.

Round #5 – Namur

On one of the wildest and toughest courses on the circuit, Pauwels picked up his second World Cup victory on a muddy course around the Citadel in Namur (Namen for our Flemish friends). The real action was the battle for second and third. Albert suffered a flat tire during the final lap and almost helplessly watched Nys close a 30 plus second gap and take control of second in the final few hundred meters. A bit further back, Jonathan Page secured his spot for Worlds with a 15th place finish. Page’s final lap times were on par with those of Nys and Albert.

Overall Standings after Round 5

  1. Niels Albert – 345
  2. Sven Nys – 335
  3. Kevin Pauwels – 334
  4. Klaas Vantornout – 264
  5. Bart Aernouts – 246
Zdenek Stybar leads the chase. Photo: Balint.

Zdenek Stybar leads the chase. Photo: Balint.

Round #6 – Heusden-Zolder

Three days removed from his second place in Namur, Nys put in a solid last lap effort to rid himself of Albert and pick up his third World Cup victory of the season. Zdenek Stybar, who now races cross only during “Holy Week,” edged out a strong chase group for third. Nys’ victory was enough to put him on equal terms with Albert, as the World Cup becomes a two man race.

Overall Standings after Round 6

  1. Sven Nys – 415
  2. Niels Albert – 415
  3. Kevin Pauwels – 389
  4. Klaas Vantornout – 301
  5. Lars van der Haar – 291

Round #7 – Rome

After a tough few weeks in Belgium, the cross collective escaped to a warmer, dry and faster course in Rome. Pauwels and Vantornout were able to get away from a strong chase group, leaving the likes of Albert and van der Haar behind. Nys, recovering from an illness, was never a factor, finishing 20th. A last lap mechanical for Vantornout left Pauwels all alone while Albert was able to use the opportunity to finish second. Italian Marco Fontana put in a superb ride and finished third. More importantly, Pauwels was able to close the gap to Albert, giving him a chance to capture his second consecutive overall title.

Overall Standings after Round 7

  1. Niels Albert – 485
  2. Kevin Pauwels – 469
  3. Sven Nys – 446
  4. Klaas Vantornout – 356
  5. Lars van der Haar – 341
Martin Bina leads a snowy, icy race in Hoogerheide. Photo: Balint.

Martin Bina leads a snowy, icy race in Hoogerheide. Photo: Balint.

Round #8 – Hoogerheide

Icy, snowy conditions met the riders in Hoogerheide for the final round of the World Cup. As a result of the dangerous conditions, the usual suspects played it safe and really never contended for victory. Martin Bina took the victory ahead of van der Haar and Simon Zahner, marking the first time since 2007 that a Belgian didn’t finish on a World Cup podium. Nys was the best of the rest finishing fourth ahead of Albert. Pauwels finished a distant eighth, locking up the overall for Albert.

Final Overall Standings

  1. Niels Albert – 540
  2. Kevin Pauwels – 515
  3. Sven Nys – 506
  4. Lars van der Haar – 411
  5. Bart Aernouts – 372
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2013 Nationals Predictions – US & Belgium

Sven Nys and Niels Albert locked in battle at Koppenbergcross.

Sven Nys and Niels Albert locked in battle at Koppenbergcross.

Often considered the pre-World Championships, especially after last year when Belgium swept to top seven spots at World’s, the Belgian National Championships return to Mol. The course is a challenging one and because it is wrapped around a lake, it features plenty of sand. Niels Albert comes in has the heavy favorite, while defending champion Sven Nys announced he will be on the start line on Sunday. All of Belgium’s top names will do battle this weekend, including Bart Wellens who is the only rider besides Nys and Albert to win the national title in over a decade.

Stateside, nationals return to Madison, WI where cold temperatures and a mix of snow and ice have blanketed the course over the past few weeks. The circuit is similar to last year’s, but the ultimate factor will be the temperature. It is predicted to stay very cold, meaning the course should be frozen and rutted. However, if temperatures rise, it could turn into a muddy mess. Defending champion Jeremy Powers seems poised to repeat as champion, but the usual crew of riders, including Tim Johnson, Ryan Trebon and Jonathan Page will be there to stop him.

Here’s how I think things will shake out:

Belgian National Championships (CN)

The Winner

Niels Albert – in my opinion only Kevin Pauwels could stop Albert’s bid for a second national title. In the end though, I see this as a classic race where Albert attacks and no one chases him down until it’s too late. Pauwels has a shot to stick with him, but for some reason I just don’t think he can pull it off.

The Podium

Kevin Pauwels – despite giving Albert the edge, Pauwels could win on Sunday. His form is starting to come around and, as we saw in Namur and Rome, he’s capable of winning when it counts. While I think he would make a nice champion, I just don’t see it happening.

Sven Nys – despite having “refreshed legs,” I don’t expect any miracles out of Nys. I’m still convinced this season is all about Louisville for Nys, despite what he says. Could Nys shock us all in Mol? Absolutely. Would I be surprised? No. Do I think he will? Probably not.

Ryan Trebon. Photo: Todd Prekaski.

Ryan Trebon. Photo: Todd Prekaski.

US National Championships (CN)

The Winner

Ryan Trebon – Trebon has kept his head down and his mind focused on Madison and Louisville. While the rest of his competition has been criss-crossing the Atlantic, Trebon has been in California training. In my opinion he comes into this race as a big wildcard. Unlike most years, I’m going for the wildcard.

The Podium

Jeremy Powers – while Powers has dominated this season in the US, I think his luck runs out at Madison. I have this race playing out in my mind where Powers hits the gas early and one or two riders chase him down. Trebon has played this card before as well. If Powers can hold it, I could see him winning again, but I don’t think he will.

Jonathan Page – Page is on a roll lately and has reminded us that he’s still racing at a high level. While I don’t expect a fourth title for him, I do expect another podium appearance. Afterall, he hasn’t missed the podium in over a decade.

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2013 Cyclocross National Championships Predictions

While things have been a bit hectic over the past few weeks with my travels to Belgium, the holidays and training, it’s time to deliver the biggest predictions of the season. Below you will find my predicted podium of every national championship, except for Belgium and the United States. Those two countries will be featured in more detail in a post this afternoon. I apologize for not giving reasons for selecting the riders but this list is too long for me to expand with detail. Without further ado, the predictions for this weekend:

Spanish National Championships (CN)

Note: my apologies to our Spanish contingent, I have been using the wrong last name for those riders. From here on out, that has been corrected.

1. Aitor Hernandez
2. Javier Ruiz de Larrinaga
3. Isaac Suarez

Czech National Championships (CN)

1. Zdenek Stybar
2. Radomir Simunek
3. Martin Bina

French National Championships (CN)

1. Francis Mourey
2. Aurélien Duval
3. Matthieu Boulo

British National Championships (CN)

1. Ian Field
2.Oli Beckingsale
3. Paul Oldham

Polish National Championships (CN)

1. Mariusz Gil
2. Andrzej Kaiser
3. Marek Konwa

Dutch National Championships (CN)

1. Lars van der Haar
2. Lars Boom
3. Thijs van Amerongen

Italian National Championships (CN)

1. Marco Fontana
2. Enrico Franzoi
3. Elia Silvestri

German National Championships (CN)

1. Christoph Pfingsten
2. Philipp Walsleben
3. Sascha Weber

Swiss National Championships (CN)

1. Julien Taramarcaz
2. Simon Zahner
3. Marcel Wildhaber

Austrian National Championships (CN)

1. Daniel Geismayr
2. Karl Heinz Gollinger
3. Roland Morx

Croatian National Championships (CN)

1. Jasmin Becirovic
2. Igor Rudan
3. Pavao Roset

Irish National Championships (CN)

1. Robin Seymour
2. Roger Aiken
3. Johnny McCabe

Danish National Championships (CN)

1. Kenneth Hanson
2. Emil Olson
3. Jonas Pedersen

Portuguese National Championships (CN)

Note: this is the first ever championship for Portugal.

1. Vitor Santos
2. Mário Costa
3. Fábio Ribeiro

Luxembourg National Championships (CN)

1. Christian Helmig
2. Gusty Bausch
3. Claude Wolter

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ENGVT Commits to Jonathan Page as Title Sponsor for Nationals



While we rarely post press releases, this one caught our attention and we’ve decided to post it. It ties in with some of our upcoming articles on Nationals, Worlds and the level of support a rider/team needs to truly make it top the upper levels of this sport. Jonathan Page is arguable America’s best cross racer ever. He’s the only man to stand on the Elite Men’s podium at worlds. He remains the only American to win an Elite Men’s UCI race in Europe and has finished on the podium at the US National Championships nine times in the past ten years, including three straight national titles.

The past few season’s have been up and down for Page, but he has come on strong lately as the season heats up in Europe. Over the past two weeks Page has found himself in the mix at several races and has posted multiple finishes inside the top 15, including the World Cup round in Namur where he secured his spot for Worlds. Lately, Page has garnered much attention for the fact that he has done this on his own, with several of his long time sponsors ending their relationship for a variety of reasons, Page has been left to carry the torch on his own.

Vermont-based engineering firm ENGVT is proud to announce that it will be the title sponsor of professional cyclist Jonathan Page as he attempts to win a fourth cyclocross National Championship on January 13 in Madison, Wisconsin. The sponsorship agreement is limited to the weekend of Nationals and will give Page the support he needs to contend for the title.

“We’re proud to bring Jonathan into the ENGVT family,” says ENGVT president Jerry Chabot. “He embodies the same values that drive us every day: hard work, integrity, commitment and dedication.” Chabot further says that he’d long been weighing the benefits of professional level sponsorship, but Page’s compelling and consistently improving 2012-2013 campaign gave the company the push it needed to get into the game. “It’s been a pleasure to cheer for Jonathan for so many years, but to see him come into such strong form, we felt the time was right to show our support on a whole new level. While Jonathan is still seeking a long-term title sponsor, we jumped at the opportunity to be in his corner for Madison.”

For Page’s part, the sponsorship is just as sweet. Said Page, “Jerry has been in my corner for 25 years and it’s great to have his company behind me. We’re like family and I’m proud to wear the ENGVT name on my chest in Madison and hope to bring home the Stars and Stripes.”

Closed Chabot, “We’re looking forward to a hard race in Madison. Good luck, Jonathan!”

Jonathan can be reached at or on twitter @thejonathanpage

ENGVT can be found at

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Cyclocross Predictions – Week 18

Ian Field in Koksijde. Photo: Balint.

Ian Field in Koksijde. Photo: Balint.

After two weeks in Belgium, I have returned to the US and so has UCI cross racing with a pair of C2 races known as the Chicago Cyclocross New Year’s Revolution. Held a week before nationals, the race has attracted a smaller, but stacked field as we get a fresh look at America’s top riders before the showdown in Madison, WI. In Europe, all eyes shift to Italy where Niels Albert and Sven Nys will do battle with Europe’s top riders at a World Cup round in Rome. Finally, in England, Derby hosts the sixth round of the National Trophy Series. Here’s how I think things will shape up:

Chicago Cyclocross New Year’s Revolution – Day 1 (C2)

Note: despite the pre reg list, it is my understanding that Jeremy Powers will only race on Saturday and Jonathan Page will only race on Sunday.

The Winner

Jeremy Powers – despite a rough European campaign, Powers is still the top rider in the states. I expect him to rebound with a victory in Chicago en route to a potential national title repeat.

The Podium

Ryan Trebon – Trebon has spent the past few weeks out West training for nationals and Worlds. Trebon did well in Chicago last year and could surprise everyone with a victory on Saturday. I’m giving the edge to Powers, but it should be a great battle.

Tim Johnson – Johnson has started to come into form over the past few weeks and I think his mini-European campaign has helped him hone that form. I expect him to be in the mix this weekend and land on the podium.

Chicago Cyclocross New Year’s Revolution – Day 2 (C2)

The Winner

Jonathan Page – if you haven’t been paying attention, Page is starting to show signs of the man that won three straight national titles. He was top-15 in Namur and finished inside the top-ten in Baal. I expect him to throw his hat into the ring on Sunday as he makes a push for another national title.

The Podium

Ryan Trebon – as with Saturday’s race, I expect Trebon to be in the action on Sunday. With a few weeks off, and some decent training, it’s hard to predict exactly how Trebon will do. I suspect he’ll land on the podium.

Tim Johnson – I like Johnson to have a solid weekend before nationals. He should podium on Sunday.

National Trophy Series – Round 6 (C2)

The Winner

Ian Field – I cannot confirm if Field will race or not, but he has been trying to return to racing as quick as possible after a shoulder injury. Assuming that he’ll race, I like his odds to win. He’s been having a solid season and this forced rest period may be what he needs to breakthrough heading into nationals and worlds.

The Podium

Tom van den Bosch – after spending the holidays in Belgium racing against the world’s best, look for van den Bosch to be in the mix on Sunday. Should Field falter, or not show, van den Bosch could be the victor. For now, I have him on the podium.

Oli Beckingsale – the battle for the overall comes down to this weekend’s race and one simple fact: if Beckingsale finishes ahead of Paul Oldham he wins the overall. While I usual predict Oldham to better Beckingsale, I think the mountain biker has the edge right now and I predict him to land on the podium en route to the overall.

UCI World Cup – Round 7 (CDM)

The Winner

Niels Albert – tied with Nys on points, Albert will make his bid for the overall in Rome. Albert’s been riding really well right now and seems poised to rebound from a mid season slump. Albert has shown signs of weakness when things turn muddy, but I expect him to prevail in Rome, no matter what the conditions.

The Podium

Sven Nys – after a forced break due to illness, I expect Nys to rebound in Rome. While I don’t think he’ll win, Nys could make things very interesting and should keep himself in the battle for the overall.

Kevin Pauwels – Pauwels has started to show signs of the man who dominated last season. He’s really come on form lately and in my opinion is a true podium threat once again. While I don’t think he’ll win on Sunday, I definitely think he’ll land on the podium.

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