Pavé/Laekhouse Colle delle Finestre Contest

We had so much fun with our Cima Coppi contest that we decided to have another!

The challenge: pick the winner of the climb over the Colle delle Finestre. Stage 20’s Finestre climb is further proof that Angelo Zomengan and crew are sadists. 19km, with an average gradient in the neighborhood of 9%. As if that wasn’t bad enough, a massive 8km of the climb is unpaved.

If you’re the only one to correctly pick the first person reach the top of Finestre, you’ll win your choice of a Laekhouse T-Shirt from the Icons or Classics series!

Danilo di Luca was first to the top of Finestre when it was featured in the 2005 edition of the Giro, but José Rujano took the stage. Both are riding this year (I double checked to see if Di Luca was still riding, since no one can remember actually seeing him…) Do either of them have what it takes? Maybe someone else? Just like the last contest, if can’t hurt to guess – if your pick is right, you can always claim you had your reasons!

Entries must be submitted before the start of the stage on Saturday. You can place your pick in a comment, or email us at Only 1 entry per person please! Make sure to use a real email address so we can contact you if you win. In the event of multiple people picking the first rider to reach the top of the Finestre, the winner will be randomly selected from the correct entries. If no one gets it right, we’ll go down the list to determine who got it closest. Good luck!

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23 Responses to Pavé/Laekhouse Colle delle Finestre Contest

  1. ThoreRK says:

    I'm thinking Garzelli is going for a nice litte stage victory, and therefore conquers Finestre as the first…

  2. MW says:

    Think Nieve will go at it again and just get over first.

  3. Houston says:


  4. kostato says:


  5. Dan says:

    I'm going with Nibali

  6. dave says:


  7. Amelon says:

    Gianluca Brambilla

  8. Jack Sargeant says:

    Hmmm, heart says Nibali but head is being boring and saying Contador. Contador it is!

  9. DDC says:


  10. Chris says:

    Tiago Machado.

  11. Karl says:

    I'll say Roman Kreuziger. I really like him – I wonder if Astana was the right move for him?

  12. Javi Polo says:

    I'm going with Emanuelle Sella. Isn't he trying a breakaway or something this Giro?

  13. beev says:

    garzelli. needs the points, as he won't get them on the final climb….

  14. cthulhu says:

    Garzelli is obvious pick, but I say Bakelands, he'll be in the break again and saves himself somehow over the top before the GC contenders make it.

  15. daniel alpin says:

    igor anton

  16. Adam L. says:

    Just to go out on a limb, how about Steven Kruijswijk? He has really impressed me this Giro. He's been aggressive, and he's going uphill pretty well.

  17. TomC says:

    Contador unfortunately

  18. Ryan says:

    Sastre for the sleeper pick!

  19. Robot says:

    Got to be Purito Rodriguez.

  20. Erik says:

    Di Luca

  21. Brian says:

    Christophe Le Mevel? He might as well! H has nothing else to ride for at this point since he certainly isn't a time trialist.

  22. Tom says:

    I'm thinking a breakaway – Vasil Kiryienka


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