Cross Rankings – Week 5

Adam Myerson and Anthony Clark charge over the barriers as Mike Garrigan hops them in Providence. Photo: Todd Prekaski.

After the first week of fan voting, there are some obvious surprises. While part of the goal of a truly robust ranking system was to open it to the public, clearly the public has their own biases and fun. Riders like Adam Myerson, Barry Wicks, Eric Tonkin and Daniel Chabanov make the list for the first time along with the usual cast of characters. Dan Timmerman has to be considered the biggest shocker coming in at number 12. However, the most interesting  voting occurred in the top three, where Niels Albert came out on top, despite losing to Sven Nys over the past few weekends.

Once we factor in the voting with the computer rankings, Jeremy Powers takes the top spot primarily due to his UCI Points (which the computer doesn’t cap) and his winning percentage. Nys moves into second spot this week due to his winning percentage and votes. Nicolas Bazin takes the third spot despite being inactive due to his strong start to the season. Timmerman’s SOS and votes launch him into the 10 spot, while Chase Dickens remains in the Top 25 with the top SOS so far.

Interestingly enough, only two riders are in the top-ten with zero wins this year: Tim Johnson and Timmerman. Both of whom have a tough SOS and received a high number of votes. Here’s the link to the Top 25, below is this weeks Top 25 Votes.

[top25-vote start=’1349481600′ end=’1350000000′]

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