Cross Predictions – Week 12 Wrap-Up

Jeremy Durrin attacked during the last half of a lap, taking the win as Mike Garrigan rolled in for second at Baystate Cross. Photo: Todd Prekaski.

In what has to be considered one of the most exciting weekends of racing across the board, I quickly watched as my glorious predictions came crashing down. The lesson I learned this weekend is never bet against Sven Nys. My working theory is unless he’s not at the race, he will podium. I also learned that those guys in New England are strong and exciting to watch. The depth of talent in that region is incredible. With that said, here’s how I did this weekend (hopefully next weekend will be better):

World Cup Round 3 – Koksijde (CDM)

1. Niels Albert – 2nd
2. Kevin Pauwels – 12th
3. Bart Aernouts – 4th

Points: 1

Kansai Cyclo Cross Yasu Round (C2)

1. Yu Takenouchi – 1st
2. Atsushi Maruyama – 2nd
3. Masanori Kosaka – 6th

Points: 4

Superprestige Round 5 – Gieten (C1)

1. Sven Nys – 2nd
2. Niels Albert – 5th
3. Lars van der Haar – 13th

Points: 1

Baystate Cyclocross – Day 1 (C2)

1. Justin Lindine – 5th
2. Jeremy Durrin – 1st
3. Dan Timmerman – 4th

Points: 1

Baystate Cyclocross – Day 2 (C2)

1. Jeremy Powers – 1st
2. Tim Johnson – 4th
3. Justin Lindine – 6th

Points: 3

Total: 10/30 (33%)

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