Cross Top25 – Week 12

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After a World Cup win and a second place finish at the fifth round of the Superprestige series, Sven Nys maintains the top spot in the rankings. More importantly, Nys jumped a head of Jeremy Powers in the computer rankings, meaning that the American will now need to finish towards the top of the poll if he has a shot at the top spot.

Strengthing Nys’ lead was the fact that he finished first in the poll a head of Niels Albert, Dan Timmerman, Klaas Vantornout and Francis Mourey. A slew of Americans fill out the rest of the top ten vote getters.

Overall, Powers maintains the number two spot a head of Niels Albert, Francis Mourey and Klaas Vantornout. Jonathan Page is the only other American in the top ten. However, due to high finishes in the poll, there are now nine Americans in the Top 25.

In addition to being number one in the poll and computer, Nys is also number one in UCI points. Powers has the highest winning percentage of anyone in the Top 25, while Page continues to be number one in strength of schedule and field quality.

Due to high poll placings, Timmerman, Daniel Chabanov and Adam Myerson all remain in the Top 25, despite being outside the top 35 in the computer rankings.

Francis Mourey made the biggest jump, but will undoubtedly fall as his schedule slows down over the coming weeks. Several riders dropped out of the Top 25 primarily due to a lack of votes in this weeks poll.

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