Cross Predictions Wrap-Up – Week 5

Matin Bina takes the win in Mladá Boleslav. Photo: Martin Bali-Jenčík.

The weekend started out good on both sides of the pond, but Sunday sent things way off course. I only got one point in Providence and three points in Europe. Obviously not having start lists for two of those European races hurt, but that’s a lame excuse considering I didn’t have one for the Toi Toi Cup, but still managed to get 4 points. I should have stuck to my gut in Ruddervoorde and gone with Sven Nys. Interestingly enough both Nys and Martin Bina extended their winning streaks. It will be interesting to see who’s comes to an end first.

European Cross

Toi Toi Cup – Round 3

1. Martin Bina – 1st
2. Michael Boros – 3rd
3. Ondrej Bambula – 8th

Points: 4

Superprestige Ruddervoorde (C1)

1. Niels Albert – 2nd
2. Sven Nys – 1st
3. Klaas Vantornout – 4th

Points: 2

Cyclocross International Podbrezova (C2)

1. Martin Bina – DNS
2. Zdenek Mlynar – 8th
3. Robert Gavenda – DNS

Points: 0

Cyclocross International d’Aigle (C2)

1. Lukas Fluckiger – 4th
2. Simon Zahner – 3rd
3. Mathias Fluckiger – DNS

Points: 1

US Cross

Providence Cyclocross Festival – Day 1

1. Jeremy Powers – 1st
2. Ryan Trebon – 2nd
3. Tim Johnson – DNF

Points: 4

Providence Cyclocross Festival – Day 2

1. Ryan Trebon – DNF
2. Jeremy Powers – 5th
3. Tim Johnson – 3rd

Points: 1

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